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Cleaner Seas with Sunplay's We Care for the Ocean 2023 Campaign

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Learn Swimming at 40s

Swimming is famous for being good for health and well being. Regret! I took this long to learn swimming. I always wanted to learn swimming for many years. But most of the time 'chicken ou't due to one article I read about how much saliva and urine in the pool. Yucks!!!!! Can't imagine myself swim in the pool of urine. isk isk isk.. It was resolution years after years and only this year I have the courage to visit the Public Pool and learn it. Yup!!! I finally jump and swim in the pool of urine and saliva. Yeay?  Uwaaaaa....don't even wanna think further about that. All I did was scrubbing and and cleaning myself well after that swimming session. I don't really attend any class or whatsoever. Just out of courtesy my friend guide me as I brave myself into the water. I call this class just to discipline myself! For those who around my age or even younger, who still have fear to learn swimming, please start. Swimming can change your health positively.

HR NETWORKING EVENT 2014 HR Networking Event 2014 is back!!!! Sounds like I have been to this event last year??? first time too. I told you! in my previous post I am now  a start into networking. This year I invest RM280 and register myself to this event! Distinguished Speakers, Panellists & Moderators ·   Mr. Antony Lee,   CEO of AIG Malaysia Insurance Bhd ·   Mr. Fong Wai Leong,   Group CEO of CBSA Group ·   Mr. Naresh Sanchana,   Senior Product Manager of ·   Ms. Aina Zahari,   Director of Innovation Process & Analytics, Alpha Catalyst Consulting Sdn Bhd ·   Ms. Grace Munsayac,   HR Director, Malaysia and SEA C&B Director, Mondelez ·   Ms. Faith Ngeow,   Associate Director, HR-SEA Kellogg South East Asia ·   Mr. Lai Tak Ming,   Director of Gamuda Group Human Resource ·   Mr. Darrel Lourdes,   HR Director of Shell Malaysia ·   Ms. Hamidah Naziadin,   Head, Group Corporate Resour

ssssshhhhh...everyone has secret!

So you claimed you are Honest??? You don't have any secret? Nothing to hide??? Are you an angel? So saint? Think again...... Many will think be honest to gain trust from others... Get real!!!! No one in this world who's living their life perfectly honest. Everyone has a secret they hide from others.... Sometimes people pretend to be honest in order to hide their secret from others... Honesty can be good and can be bad too... ...... and being a living creatures in this world we are aware ...the truth will reveal to the matter how far you want to run and no matter how  hard you try to avoid. With this statement...don't you think honesty is the right thing to do? mmmm...depend... if for you being honest will harm other people...just forget it for time being... find the right time to do that. I have gone through so much... and I can say timing is very important to be honest. Why??? Honest meaning your spell out the facts and truth. Facts and

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