Thursday, July 25, 2013

You want to be Happy?

I read this interesting article early this week , The 20 Things You Need To Let Go to be Happy written by Ashley Fern from elite daily.
All of us wants to live our life happily....
Who wants to live life sadly????
'Micheossuh' !!!! Crazy ar???

Want to be happy need to let go many think happiness comes for FREE ar?
'Micheossuh'??? Crazy ar???

1. You need to proof you really don't care what other says...

Many says they 'don't care what others say' but when come to reality how many people dare to live without gaining approval from others around them??? How many???
So we do care???
Then to be happy??? So worried about what other will says and think about you????

2. Learn to accept other people anger / resentment with open heart

Who never get scolded before???
How many times we gain apology after get scolded????
Many of us feel offended and frustrated when get scolded....
Life will be easier if we could learn to accept an apology we never gotten...

Simple scolded? move on and let go...not easy,heh???

3. Negative Body Image

Especially women...we tend to feel inferior and low self esteem if we are over weight, bad hair day, pimples all over face,too dark skin and more and more to list.
Your body your own...don't let what others might think about you  and make you feel need to believe you responsible to yourself ...not feel good about yourself.

Haish...not easy too huh?

4. Perfect Partner

Mr right? huh? I have been waiting for 38 years still waiting...
If you found someone...accept this fella come in the 'package'.
None of us is perfect!!!
Love him back ...when he loves you dearly...only then you can be happy...

Oh well ...not easy too huh!!! I am still waiting all the flower boy in Korean drama ...I watched.... Micheossuh !!! Crazy ar??? WTH!!!!

5. Perfect Life

No need to further elaborate...
Micheossuh!!!! crazy ar???
Where can find this??? where ? where? where??? tell me????
Who don't want this???
Who ? who ? who?

6. You're going to be rich

Not many people were born with this kind of luck!
Try to be realistic so when result comes we don't feel so much of disappointment...
If I said find something you like to do...mmmmm... again micheossuh!!! crazy ar!!!
May people will say ..I like to 'shake leg' at home and be 'couch potato' and grow tummy like 'humpty dumpty' ...
If you believe you can get rich by buying 'LOTTO'...keep buying it...see whether you can live to see your luck.

7. Good Fortune falling from the sky

Micheossuh!!! crazy ar??? you think your life is a fairy tale???
Stop dreaming and start working your ass off.

8. Excuses

Avoid making ridiculous excuses to ourself...
I am fat but gym is too expensive...WTH!!! you think gym the only solution?
Stop whining and start doing it!

9. Thought of your Ex

haissshhh...... let him go...he left you for a reason...if he or she left you mean he or she at the lose...move on and find others who can love you better.

10. Stubbornness

Open your mind and heart....start to accept others opinion too.
Not easy heh???
Ya lor... very hard for me to be happy????

There 10 more to go in this list...I think its too much to list down in one go...who said easy to be happy?
You think by drinking and get drunk you can be happy?
I see many drunkard crying when they drunk...headache after they come to senses....where got happy like that!!!
I see people take drugs and get high to be happy cure the sadness....WTH!!!1
Brain damage and too many disease follow them after that...and not to mentioned the damage to the bank accounts too...

Not easy to be happy!!!

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