Thursday, August 1, 2013


They can just do anything to stay young and pretty...
Will you do this snail facial treatment???
Will you allow those snails to slide around on your face????
I don't think so....
Research from Japan result , Snails mucus is anti wrinkle remedies...Oh wow...
I need to to try this...
So I end up doing some online shopping for snail cream and mainly from Korea.

During ramadhan time , I usually wake up early in the morning, sometimes 4:30 am and during lazy time, I will end up waking at 4:45am for early breakfast.
Must wake up to drink my black coffee..without it, I feel my day is incomplete.
Normally, I don't sleep anymore after meal.
No good for body and digestion.
So end up surfing the net or watching my drama or study...and most of the time doing online shopping..ehehehehe...
So the other day did some damage to my wallet by ordering these cosmetics shipped out direct from Korea.

Mizon snail cream
Totally love this cream...not snail shit ok..
This is snail mucus...yeah sounds yuckssss!!!!
But really this product easily absorb to our skin and non greasy.
Totally love this...
I bought another one too...which is Mizon Snail Gel...WTH!
No no no ...they don't killed zillion of snails for this....they have way to extract it without killing them.
Overall I give this mizon snail cream & mizon snail gel ...5 star...this is anti ageing cream too.

This mascara from Etude house korea...I bought it direct from korea because it much cheaper than we buy from here.
Somemore waiting time not that long just within 2 - 3 weeks...
Other thing I bought from Korean which I totally in love with is :
* Milky Foot mask
* Sunblock
* Caviar BB Cream
I totally satisfied with all my purchase....

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