Friday, August 16, 2013

That Lady

That lady
She is staring up to the sky
Is she thinking of that guy?

That lady
She look so lonely
Did she live her life properly?

That lady
Her eyes is tearing
I bet her heart is tearing...

That lady
She doesn't look sly
Is she going to cry?

That lady
She make me want to know her story
What is her the story?

That lady
I am looking at you
As if I can get to know you

That lady
Why suddenly I feel this piece I am writing making me like I am not 'straight????
WTH!!!! I am straight!!!!

That lady...
I slapped myself...
Pinching myself...
I need to stop staring at her
I need to stop wondering further

Gosh!!! why am I writing this?????

Haishhhh!!!!!... I have my moment know that sentimental mood...but this is not what I imagine...thinking of that lady????

Who is that lady anyway???

Why can't I write about man????

Oh Wow!!!! I must be lonely....

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