Thursday, September 5, 2013


I deserve to swear!!!!!
Why am I so 'Angry Bird' now?????
I found out somebody from my counter part office has been using my name signing a letter.
Damn! him or her!!!
Best part is....... all letters in Burmese!!!
OMG!!! Since when I can read, write and understand Burmese????
Gosh!!! I wish I could swear in Burmese too!!!
Best part all letters went to Burma government office...
Using my freaking long name ok!!!
'F' her or him zillion times weiiiiiii....
Argghhhh... so bad mood after found out this.
Tarnish my freaking polish shining name wei!!!

How am I going to go into Burma....WTF!

Freaking FRAUD!!!!

Do I still deserve to swear???
Hell!!! with what others say....but for today I just want to swear....eheh!!! so sinfullllll...

God! forgive me ....tonight I will repent ...zillion times too!

God! please ....I pray to you...please punish this people on my I can let this go....and continue my life peacefully.

A bit dramatic huh??? but who not angry????

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