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Tuesday, September 3, 2013


For person who claimed she hate shopping....muakkkssss!!!!
Big lier...huh???? shopping spree got timing one!!!!!
When timing came....hehehehe....I couldn't stop myself....
Recently bought all this from South Korea!
It arrived last Friday...
What is this cute adorable thingy????

Look at those mummies and babies cutie pie huh???
One is for Snail Whitening gel and the other is Snail Anti Wrinkle Cream....
Need all this for my beauty regime....
I love the cute snail casing....and that cute little snail is actually same cream and gel but for travel kit.
I tried this and i totally fall in love because its non greasy and quick absorption to my skin....whether I look pretty with this...who knowssss.....I just started muahahahahahaha....

I bought this together...this is not for slimming but just to trim a bit of my OL spare tyres....sit a lot though!!!!
I first use it last Saturday....spray to your palm and it appear like mousse and like a bit of snow tooooo...goshhhhh...I just start using can't really tell whether this really works!!!!
Wait for my second purchase entry then I can tell you the effectiveness!

The generous seller sent me many of this beauty samplesssss......Love it!!!!!


  1. aku idok le tahap benci soping... tapi bila modal tak de ..tu yang membuatkan aku pikio 2...3... kali nak keluar soping.. huhuuhuh

    1. ya lor...need to think twice everytime...coz this is hard earned cash wor...

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