Tuesday, October 22, 2013


My HK post will be continued tomorrow...here My Rant!!!!!
I ordered some flower basket from one of Myanmar 's florist website. I don't want to mention name but I pointed the link there. Check it out !
I plan for them to deliver on 11 Oct 2013 and me being always the early bird ordered earlier just in case....my order went in on 8th Oct 2013, morning!
This is what in the photo from the website.
Very beautiful, right????

This is what they delivered!!!! WTH!!!
Judge this yourself!
What you see is not what you get!
Not even to the closest from the photo!
I understand the photo my varies from what delivered...but hey!!!! what is this?????
Bunch of junk!!!!
Its like flowers collected from the street and throw into the basket...That's it!!!!
Not worth of my cash weiiiiii!!!
Seriously the quality bloody sucksss!!!
The worst is the delivery boy said to the recipient, the sender is from Indonesia and not even say my name....WTH!!!!
Hello!!! buck up if you wanna do online business! 
As usual me couldn't stay quiet for all this...I wrote my piece of mind to them....yeah!!! being ignorance ...they just stay silence!
Avoid this florist if anybody want to send gift or flower to Myanmar!
They are not sincere in doing business!

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