Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Many places to explore near Central MTR.
I was there like 10 times in 5 days. WTH!!!!
Lan Kwai Fong, Holloywood road where HK's most popular nightlife hot spots, up market bars and wine and dine is there too.
Many foreigners!!!

proudly announce!!!!
kekekekeke... I've been to this longest escalator too!!!
mmmm...not that boring because while taking can flirt around with all those people at the bar...
If you see the photo....none of them is looking at me.
They are drwoning with their drinks!!!!
I am not in the position to flirt...isk isk isk...
But to think about this....always flirt with sober people not the drunken one!!! come the nightmare...climbing down the longest staircase ever....after the nice ride in time to flirt .....

Its really hot you know!!!
But I saw this man play dress up like this with hats in his hand.
I thought he is selling the hats under this hot sun.
But then I saw somebody like a photographer is taking the photo of him.
mmmm....not easy being good looking....not easy being a model....not easy to earn for a living!!!
Gosh!!! I bet his armpit sweating hot!!!
He still cute under that freaking hot sun!!1

my dinner at Hollywood road!!!!
I am longing for rice!!!! WTH!!!!

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