Friday, November 22, 2013


Wake up as early as 4:00am and be prepared to go out by 4:45am.
The early hours morning wake up call is worth it!!!!

Many people waiting for the sunrise at very early hours!!!!

Local kiddo going to school...

This kiddo sleeping...guess Mum make her wake up early to open the stall...
I bought this delicious morning coffee from Lady Gaga...yeah!!! lady Gaga from stall no. 4 at Angkor Wat. They even have Harry Potter stall...WTH!!!

Monkey having breakfast at Angkor

This Monkey still looking for breakfast...

The Cat lost his love one...his love one turn into lotus stone..I guess...WTH!!!

Found this girl name Monica on the way out from Angkor is normal for those local kid trying to sell you something with a plead they are going to school.
Since found her out of other I dare to hand her some cash to help her out!
I doubt she will go to school...they can't afford to go to school..

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