Wednesday, November 20, 2013


You can view sunset at either Phnom Bakheng or at Angkor Wat.
Since the next day I am visiting angkor Wat for sunset view for me at Phnom Bakheng.
Well...again this one need a lil bit of jungle trekking...up hill and down hill.
Since the sunset at siem reap at around 5:30pm I was a bit in hurry climbing up the sandy slippery hill.
The view was worth it!!!!
I don't really climb up to Phnom Bakheng but choose on the foot of phnom bakheng...yeah!!! I was a bit late so unable to compete with those who earlier...and it require another climbing up the narrow high staircase...goshhhhh!!!! I can climb up but thinking about going down...phewwwww.......challenge!!!
I settle below the temple with awesome view and less competitor and of course safer for me... kekekekeke..

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