Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Early New Year Goodies

Came back from Hatyai last week with bless feelings.
Some early new year present arrived from Korea...waiting for me..kekekeke happy

This become my favourite lipstick from Mizon korea.
All sweet color. lovely!!!


Helen Park sunblock and beaming mirror BB Cream.
Serious this product is becoming my beauty regime now....the effect is DAEBAK!
Add in the Multi Magic Miracle Powder....yeay...what else a woman want???

Goodies from Taiwan...my first time tried this blue toblerone.Just finished the whole bar last Sunday...WOW!!! I have work harder then.
Penguin grape lip balm, phone earpiece and  lovely owl earings...all from my lovely friend!

Then...last Saturday, helping friend to shop for Xmas goodies....and there you go...got some goodies for me too. Thank you Chinggu!

Feeling bless!!!!

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