Monday, December 16, 2013


Happy Monday u all!!!!

Last Wednesday night is a bit at horror side for me...
I was force to uninstall most of my applications in my smartphone.
Guess my smartphone no so smart just like the owner herself...WTH!
Kakao, whattapps,wechat....all gone...
My phone suddenly gave me malicious warning on those apps.
So...I really panic and freak out...
I end up uninstalled all those apps...

Then finally, get this apps installed back the next day.

But when installing my kakao...I accidentally put in other phone number...foolish me.
Then end up waiting for sms verification code for nothing.

My instagram...sei la...forgot my id until now.

Even my banker told me , I am inactive in whattapps suddenly...haiiissshhh...

My twitter accounts...the other day received sms from my friends...asking me to change password since she received suspicious message via my accounts which I have not sent either.

I change the password...GREAT!!! I forgot my password now! WTH!!!

The other day opened trading accounts...then told the officer I do have online username but forgot my password. hehehehe...lucky that fella can help to reset my password.

Other accounts the one need reset...wait la.. IMA not FREE now!

Those over smart hacker!!!! stop fooling around with my accounts...I am totally IT illiterate ...asking my to uninstall and install back is too much work for me.

It took ages for me to even know what is twitter and whattapps.

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