Monday, February 10, 2014


I watched this Korean Variety Show called "Appa Oddigga".
This is a show where the celebrities Dad brings their kids on trip.
They have to cook for the kids too.
One of the Episode..the dad cook this omelette and add in seaweed on top..then he flipped it over to become half mood shape.

My attempt to fry my own seaweed omelette.....

LEE MIN HO FAVOURITE FOOD nicely done..hor???
Kimchi in...and layer of seaweed nicely place on pretty!!!!
I am proud of myself....


OMO!!!! Oh My God!!!!
This is what happened after my attempt to flip it into half moon shape...and I am ashamed of myself because my omelette turn into burnt omelette...haissshhhhh!!! should have just dial dominospizza!!!!
wasted my freaking precious effort!!!!
wasted eggs and kimchi too...
Taste suckssss too!!!!!
I added in too much salt!!!!...and the kimchi already salty...WTH!!!! What am I thinking,huh????

I feel like digging the hole and put my head down like the Ostrich....My meal for that day...settle with just seaweed..isk isk isk isk...forget the omelette just eat that seaweed!
My cooking totally screweddddd!!!

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