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Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Last weekend, one lady asked me this question...

Lady : "Rina! when you old and not working in office anymore...what will you do?"

Me : "Huh?"
This question really caught me...I paused for a few minutes...

Lady : " Business?"

Me : "mmmmmm.....what business? I don't want to lose my savings money and pour into the business that I still have doubt..."

Lady : "Ya lor...cannot like that like mad dog all sweat and tears ..oh i forgot blood money too..cause pms every month ma..."

Me : " Ya ya...blood money"
Lady and me laugh out loud....trying to hide both worrisome on what to do if not working.
I bet she has the same worries like me too.

Then both of us silence for a while...busy thinking...what to do after not working.
Then ...

Me : " Aiyahhh!!!! cannot be we continue life waking up...donno where to go newspaper..then do what??? watch korean drama ar???"

Lady : "Aiyoooo...sounds so Siannnnn one!! I die faster kuar!!!"

Me : "At least you have kids and husband alone wor!!! OMO! I am more think about it!"

Lady : "Ya lor...Rina...go marry fast la!!!

Me ; " Wei!!!! You think I can marry just like go Shopping mall buy clothes I like ar??? Life partner you talking about wei!!!! You think so easy as 1..2 ... 3... ar?Some more..I am 40 year old this year ledi le...due date ledi..who wants??? I only look at young and flower boy only ma...but they sure don't want me one...if they want me oso..I don't want..they after my money..kekkekeke

Lady : "Ya lorrrr...correct also hor!!! hor..always make me laugh like this...flower boy some more...adoiiiii...!!!! then what to do after not working anymore...find old man la...

Me : "your head la..old man..for what??? That fella sick..I need to take care.I die faster then...Haish...don't think now...we discuss again tomorrow lor...

Lady : "Ya lor Ya wrinkle also come out think about this..."

Me : "Aiya see my silver hair is sticking out.."

kekekeke...both of us laugh away our worries...yeah! just a temporary brush away of the reality of life!

So ???? What is my plan????
No answer until now...the confidence level totally at the bottom to face the what is next...

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