Wednesday, February 26, 2014


Now almost every weekend end up hunting for best cakes.
I was at Chapter Two at Pavillion.
Chinggu & me hoping to savor our favourite Red Velvet cake.
To a disappointment no Red Velvet this week.
They only have Chocolate Velvet.
We gave it a try...and they gave us to sample that awesome carrot cake too since we are now regular..kekekeke.

Me : Chocolate Velvet ..not bad what!

Chinggu : I like Red Velvet better. that one more moist.This Chocolate Velvet so dry la.

Me : No la..almost the same what..just color only la...

Chinggu : You think ..when red velvet coming har?

Me : How hell I know that. I think depends on that baker mood le...this week he or she like week la..may be...sometimes all this baker...depends on mood cause these type of people got some attitude problem one...

Chinggu : You ask later la.

Me : Hissshhh....ask just for your red velvet??? You buy and eat one piece only leh..

Chinggu : Maybe not many people eat Red Velvet ...only we like...

Me : Cannot be...

Chinggue : Red Velvet is international cake or just local Malaysia only???

Me : Aiyoohhhh!!! that extend one ar your hell I know that! finish it fast le...I ask for you later la..when is your red velvet coming...hissshhh...

Me : Hello...when is you red velvet coming????

Cafe Owner : ....mmmm...we don't really know.This is depends on baker mood.We don't interfere on what cake to sell.All she decide one..

Me : I thought friend here love the red velvet and said he prefer red over the chocolate. He said chocolate is way too dry compare to red.

Cafe Owner : I see...thank you for your comments..I will inform the baker.

Me : Ok .Thank you!

Chinggu ya!!!! try again later..for your red velvet!

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