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When I was writing this entry....hahahahaha...the feeling was like...YEAYYYYYYY!!!!
Its over...its over!!! 

Some of you thought that I am taking my Doctorate?
wink! wink! I wish I could afford to pay for my Doctorate.
Can't blame you for thinking I am studying for Doctorate...because I am so Drama Queen!!!!
hahahaha GOT YA!!!

 I hate public speaking but I dare myself and signed up for this course called Train the Trainer under MIM-PSMB.
We were taught how to design a workshop and bla bla bla...basically preparing yourself to be a Trainer.
Then can 'cari makan' a bit become management consultant plus do some training for other company who wants me to train their staff. I wanna retire in style from my office work then go from company to company and just talk and talk and point here and there get people to do all the jobs...muahahahaha...WTH!

This photo is my presentation slide cover.
Yes! I choose the topic THE COURAGE TO MANAGE DIFFICULT BOSS for my final assessment.
Nice or not???
Smart or not?
I creative or not? hehehehe...everybody wa 'WOW' see my show.
I talk and talk and talk...give my best funny act and showmanship hehehehe got showmanship all miss my show hor!
Eye contact is important too.
My heart beating very fast dup dup dup dup dup like 'kena' chase.

Well...they gave us only 25 minutes. 20 minute got one loud bell rang..WTH!
5 minutes 2 rangs...if exceeded..they deduct 20 marks just like that WTH.
 Since it is my specialty talk very I just go for it as long as I finish my show soonest possible.

I was the no. 4 presenter for the day out of 15 candidates.
I got that no. 4 ...I feel like...haissshhhh!!!! 'ngor sei ler'.
Serious 'suwei' number!
Why? why?  what happened?
I was talking passionately...full of spirit...then I notice all my audience like jaw drop face and some I can sense they have that question mark face. Their eyes not on me...WTH!
I notice they we looking at my slides show....
I glance my eyes to peep on what is happening to my super power slide show....
My super power slide show was having its own show...WTH!
It keep moving by itself as if it was having its own show...yeah! I noted that I was talking very fast but my slide show seems like dying to win over me.
It ended faster than my presentation.

So .... I am facing crisis huh?
PANIC!!!! for awhile....then I face back my audience with a smile ....and I glance to the assessor (pray hard don't minus my mark... please!!!)

'Ottoeke'! (OMO! my korean word came out naturally...chewaaahhhh!!! like I can speak the whole sentence in korean muahahahaha). hope nobody hear that...
Then I presentation with my slide show print out copy...I go bla bla bla bla bla...WTH!!!
This happen like 6 minutes before my show end...

What is the live comment???

Yup yup...this is like American Idol or Malaysian Idol kind of reality show....

The comments I received...

" Very enthusiastic presentation! good engagement with crowd and eye contact! have some crisis in the middle but luckily you manage it well with your print out and continue to the end "  (my heart goes...that stupid notebook of mine...I shall throw you to the dustbin when we back home, That fella!! Naughty naughty notebook....lucky IMA so smart printed out the slideshow for backup)

"You are talking too fast but very clear! Luckily!"  (my heart goes....hello!!!! time is chasing after me like mad dog you know?)

"Creative design and can share more experience but ...may be due to time constraint!''  (my heart goes... kekekeke...ehem ehem...I know I know..I am so creative and innovative type! whoaaaaa!!! seriously, I did the rehearsal at home like countless time and no way for me to share experience with that time limit.If I start talking, hahahaha...the rest of other presenter will never get their chance muahahahahaha)

" Overall! good presentation! (my heart goes...make sure you give me good mark hor?)

"Give her a big hand!!!" (my heart goes like....I just love this feeling!!! kekekekeke everybody!!! you should shout out loud ENCORE! ENCORE! muakssssss )

The actual result...only be out in another 2 months time...why??? The ultimate decision maker will be the PSMB. Huh? I have to anxiously waiting for another 2 months???? uwaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

So bad!!!! I hate waiting like this!!!!

God!!! please let me get the Certificate!!!


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