Monday, May 26, 2014


Have you ever met a Boss from hell before?
I have been working for over twenty years currently and I even have met several kinds of Bosses. Sadly, most of bosses I met are the evil one!
With head down, I blame it to my ‘lady luck’ for not serving to Maine out.
However, with head up! I survive most of this troublesome Boss.

Managing Boss is extremely vital for our survival in working place and earn for a living.
Why is very important to Manage your Boss?
Well……they're THE BOSS!
In another note, solely BOSS will offer WHAT we tend to WANTS…

What we tend to wants?
Well, most of us love rewards and career advancement.
If we tend to don’t have good relationship with our Boss, does one assume we'll be able to get what we tend to wants?
Hell NO!

Managing Boss doesn't mean you would like to Brown nosing or become a sucker…ewwwww!!! Don’t do that! Unethical!


1.    Be dependable – you only have to be compelled to show him / her that you are willing to go extra miles and do whatever it takes to get the work done well and make your Boss life easier and fewer worry. Impress your Boss by going higher than and on the far side the decision of duty – that's the surest thanks to gain his / her trust.

2.    Solve issues – simply bear in mind this…if you're at work to present your Boss’s additional issues, then… forget it. simply quit! you're employed to resolve his / her issues or cut back his / her burden. So, help your Boss by giving him / her solutions instead of problems. By showing him / her that you have taken best initiative to assist him / her. You sure gain more trust from him / her.

3.    Anticipate his / her stress points sometimes, you may find your Boss difficult to deal with at times. Best way to handle this is to think , you Boss behavior is due to he / she may be experiencing some level of stress. Try to understand him / her and the best to show you are at his/ her side. 

4.    Partner up with him / her -   Don’t get Pine Tree State wrong here…I don’t suggest you to have an affair with your Boss. What I mean is to treat your Boss sort of a partner – share your ideas and resources with him / her. and honestly Boss can recognise your sincerity and can rewards you well.

5.    Give him / her the benefit of doubts - there are times your Boss’s motivations or intentions could seem questionable to you. Keep your mind open and work with him/her to resolve any doubt thought that you just have. Bear in mind distrust and suspicion will solely cause conflicts that will injury your relationship.

6.    Be on Your Boss side – Taking sides along with your Boss is that the smartest manner for your survival.Step up and build up more courage to yourself if there is any improvement needed in any of his / her plan. Boss will appreciate this if it is a good thought of you to his / her plan.

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