Wednesday, June 4, 2014


Since I am a totally nut woman over Korean Drama....
I get very obsess to lose weight...more motivation to look good and keep fit.
But...horrrr... me with my exercise still not even lose an ounce.WTH!
I bought my treadmill 2 years ago from Johnson Fitness and always discipline myself to run at least 1 hour every 2 days. 
Why every 2 days???
IMA! as usual wanna be couch potato.

Back to my story about Johnson Fitness doubt I bought a good machine.
Recently, it has that annoying sound coming out from the belt roller.
It came with high pitch sound and really pain to my ears.
IMA been traveling and busy with work to pick up one phone call for service maintenance is like a huge rock hanging to my hand.WTH!

I waited for 2 months...and my treadmill never running for that period.
Until..... me feel my cute adorable belly sticking out like a sexy belly dancer...than I can feel that I need to start running again.

Call the Johnson Fitness and my call was answered by Suresh and he told me he is in charge for maintenance.
He told me he call me back for appointment.
IMA! patiently waited and for 3 weeks no sign of call from that Suresh.
Not that IMA also lack of following skills....look! I am working hard to earn money to pay for my blood treadmill. But that Suresh fella, totally don't bother about customer after sales service.

I called again after 3 weeks and that Suresh told me he will send somebody come , 2 days later between 6pm - 7pm. 
IMA! told him , will seek permission from office to go out a bit early to be at home before technician come over.
WTH! waited  and waited...nobody come!
Called his mobile and sms never replied.

The next day , IMA so busy at work.
Only free the week after to follow up call again.

Gosh!!! called and this time talked to somebody else.
IMA, asked for Manager and was told that Suresh is the Manager....Oh MY!!!!!
I asked the girl who answered my call....then pass me to somebody who can received my complaint about this Suresh...or I will start my nagging to you.
She then quickly pass me to HR.

I go bla bla bla bla ...pot pet pot pet...then she said she will personally look into this.
The next day received call from one guy call Sashi and this fella came all the way the next day around 7:30pm.

He diagnosed that the belt need to be changed and will cost me around RM400++.
He will send me the quote the next day!
As usual...waiting time again.

Arrgggggghhhh!!!!! can't they follow up with their own work? Do I need to call and remind again??

I went to their website and fill up the message form and said I want to trade in my old treadmill. Do they accept that?

I received a call from Johnson Fitness, One U outlet on the same day.WTH!
They are dying to sell and don't bother about after service management!
Best that person said they don't accept trade in but willing to sell me another treadmill.
Lei...hou yeh!!!!
IMA! told him direct to the think I want to buy treadmill from you again???? Your after sales service , so damn sucks!!!!
IMA! told him the problem and he told me he will investigate.
After 2 days, IMA received a call from one guy call Sugu and was informed the damage cost RM530.
But even though after the hassle I went through I feel this is RIP OFF....still ...things need to be repaired ...I need to go ahead with that.

IMA! told him, inform in advance before you come since myself need to arrange to be at home.

WTH! after two days ...received call they are near my house.
IMA! still on the way home wor!!!!

Guess what??? this people just barge in and the best you need to pay cash upon installation!

Yes! now the treadmill in running! Thank God!

The whole arrangement totally MESSED UP, right????

I want to comment point!

Johnson Fitness! I am sharing this to public because this is the true story from my personal experience. I never added extra to anything!

The truth is the truth!

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