Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Hi anonymous commenter!

If you want to comment in my blog at least let me know who you are.
Remain anonymous means :

* I don't know you.... if I don't know you so don't hate me if I don't reply because Mum told me not to talk to stranger.

* You are doing something wrong, that is why you don't want to be identified. Don't hate me if I don't reply you because Mum told me don't talk to stranger.

* You are too shy???? Don't hate me for not replying to your comment because...I am shy type too..huhuhuh...

* You are social media marketeer???? If you are selling penis enlargement and other sex toys...take it elsewhere...not here. I am not interested to use my space as your adult content marketplace.

Oh! just for information....I don't publish comments from anonymous because this is my space policy...kekekeke...for those anonymous comments end up publish to my blog is due to I accidentally press my button. Don't have intention to publish you...hohohohoh....

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