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PRINCESS'S EAT : Kyochon, One Utama,Malaysia


Everytime I ate at BMS - that vegetarian organic place next to Cold Storage ,One U, I can't help it but to notice this Yangnyeom Chikin (양념치킨) Kyochon Restaurant. They have one human sized mannequin whom I mistook him as Bruce Lee long time ago, welcoming the patron right in front of their restaurant. Damn! my bad...isk isk..

The human sized mannequin who surrender himself for heavy molester Ajumma and Agashi are none other than Choi Si Won - the handsome face of use to be super famous amos korean group Suju or Super Junior. 
This Restaurant really flew in SUJU to officiated this Restaurant, ok!

Poor SiWon!!!!
I think his nipple also got sunken in by all the pressing.Naughty!!!! Hamsap!!! MalaysianAjuma and Agashi! WTH! kekekekeke...good wild imagination huh? I don't know about smooching,though because I never witness that so far!
BMS Organic Vegetarian restaurant just opposite this place and its my favorite hang out place at One U though. So I know what those people did to Si Won,OK!
Si Won ya!!!! Rina Noona can be your witness if you want to sue them all....hmmmppphhh!!! (with full of spirit face!)

Now they have Lee Min Ho as ambassador too!
Min Ho, ya!!!! Rina Noona don't want you to get molested like SiWon.
Don't stand in front of this restaurant,ya?
Kyochon is a famous franchise restaurant from South Korea.

mmmm...who is this Malaysian Chaebol responsible to bring this KyoChon to Malaysia?
Malaysian Master Franchise holder for Kyochon in Malaysia is Datuk Steven Chin, The Chairman of Double Fry and Managing Director,of Gammerlite, a road design,construction and management entity in Kota Kinabalu.  

Ladies!!!! do some research on whether these two has any HEIR, please!!!! then start strategize like in that Cheongdamdeong Alice ,Drama. Maybe you can marry the Chaebol...muahahahah..

KyoChon, Malaysia is the first Halal outlet in world! So Muslim Chingu please enjoy your South Korean Fried Chicken at Kyochon!

How on earth , I end up eat chicken when I keep saying I don't want to eat one?
When I told Chingu , I wanna try KyoChon...the first question...

Chingu : "I thought you don't eat chicken?"
Me : "But Korean Chicken is an exception!" (winking my eyes...trying to act cute!) Aigooooo!!!!
Chingu : "Your head! (knocking my head hard) Always broke your own rules!!!"
Me : "Oucchhhhh!!!! Serious! if you are not going with me you can eat elsewhere...whatever it takes I need to try this South Korean Fried Chicken badly!"

No choice but to follow the adamant Agashi...who always broke her own rules! WTH!!!!
Not strong heart at all la this woman!

Aigoooo...I watched Korean Dramas everyday and some of the scene watch them eating fried chicken really make me drooling....WTH!

Chingu still full and I am the small eater woman.
So both of us stingily ordered 1 set (the cheapest in the menu,WTH!) which consist of.... 

Love this South Korean Chicks!
I went to Seoul but can't find Halal Chicks! So end up seafood seafood all the way...
Now that we have this Halal Kyochon....I can enjoy Halal South Korean Fried Chicken without doubt!

10 pieces drummet (Spicy and Soy Original flavour) and salad
I love the soy original flavour because its salty...yeah me love salty food and the spicy one is good too.
The only let down is we waited quite long for the food to be served with expectation the chicken will come steaming hot and dripping our disappointment and the long waiting is so not worth...the chicken is far from warm. WTH! KyoChon???? 

How I wish the fried chicken reached me steaming hot and juicier....Wae???? Wae?????

My Si Won Oppa, sacrifice his body to be molested to attract the customer.....please make my Oppa sacrifice paid off.

Bowl of korean rice which is stickier than our local rice and the taste is no big deal just rice. Oh by the way you can upgrade to Butter rice though! Which I didn't don't know how it taste. I think the butter one will taste like butter....DUH!!!!! hahahahaha 
This set came with glass of soft drink.

Chingu add in rice cake soup which came in one 'cute'bowl...yeah RM4.90 for just this small bowl and the taste sucks! Sorry Kyochon...this soup really need to improve.
I think the recipe is alright but the execution part totally failed!!!!
They need to really taste the soup first before serve it to customer. 
Please improve your execution part and QC the taste please!

Anyway, Chingu and me have a good fun reading the name tag of their waiter and waitress...we have a waiter name again ...KIKI for a guy..ok!
Then we have SUKI, but that normal for Waitress....then I told Chingu let see whether they have KAKA!
Oh KAKA but they have RITA though!

I saw KIKI serving the 2 tables away from our seating...with my cheeky naughty voice...I called his name...KIKI!!!!! give me the bill please?????
KIKI look at me..can't help smile at me and nodded his head.
Chingu was laughing away half disbelief!!!! I really did it!
yeah! who can stop my boldness when I am in the mood.
Did anybody look at me??? Hell...I am loud enough for others to glance at KIKI nametag and start bitching away. I presume that...WTH!
Sorry KIKI!!!! can't help it....anyway you are a good waiter,though!

Anyway it is worth to try KyoChon,One Utama, Malaysia!!!
It can be addictive if it is served hot!
Better than KFC or any others fried chicken least the flavor suit my taste well.
They can do better in food quality and service!
Too long...for just one set and it came with not hot chicks! 

After this , no more drooling watching korean drama.

KyoChon Malaysia, DAEBAK!!!!

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