Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Hello Gorgeous Ladies!!!

Festive season coming next week!!!
'Open House' visiting tradition awaiting for all of you to dig in with all those good food and 'raya goodies'.
For Muslim friends who has been fasting for 30 days you find yourself losing some weight. 
Your happiness won't last that long.....SIGH!
IMA talking about IMA!!!! 'big sigh'!!!

All those good food during Raya, the 'ketupat' with awesome 'rendang' cook by Mummy and fabulous raya cookies baked by beloved sisters......totally hard to resist!!!!
I am talking about lost 2kg during 30 days fasting month could easily double up that amount right after 'raya'! WTH!!!!! I am facing this situation right now!!!! Slimming is not just about looking good but also to live life healthily! Let us consult the expert for this!

So for those who feel so helpless like me and wish to lose some weight after digging in too much food during this coming festive season can book your appointment with Mayfair. Mayfair Bodyline is giving away FREE SLIMMING / FACIAL TREATMENT from July - September 2014.

You can redeem your FREE TREATMENT by liking https://www.facebook.com/mayfair.bodyline.fans  and register details in their facebook.

Mayfair Bodyline have been in the slimming and beauty industry for over 29 years. This is popular brand by our homegrown Malaysia. 

As leading slimming, facial and spa center, the company Mayfair Bodyline is concern about your total well-being. Designed as one-stop center, our services come with advance technologies and set to meet your every comfort with a cozy ambiance of warm hues, subtle tones, improved facilities and amenities. Operated by a team of professionally-trained consultants and therapists, besides facials and body slimming treatments, a series of body pampering treatments also bring you through a sensory journey that comes with satisfy result which you will be proud to flaunt.

Register yourself today!!!

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