Thursday, July 17, 2014


I have been using the same brand for the last 20 years and recently decide to go for a change.
mmmm....this is all because that hard sell sales person la.
Yeah yeah my blame game has started!
Anyway , it is a the same price.
Why not just to give it a try?
No harm since this one apparently better spec.

Introduce to you ProVision55 from Cooper Vision, US.
RM60/3 pairs/Box
Can last for 3 months since this is monthly disposable soft lenses.
I think can get lower than RM60 if purchase for a year stock.

overall packaging just same as my previous favourite brand.

I have been wearing this lenses for almost 2 weeks now.
I could say there are some difference between the previous one.
ProVision55 make my eyes more moisture and best of all easy to put it into eyes and take it out later on.
This is important to me.
Clumsy person like me need all this convenient.
There was many times....I spent almost one hour tying to put in my lenses.
Serious! when I was nervous and worried , somehow the lenses won't stick to my eyes and made me more frustrated.
I feel weird to step out from home with my glass.
If ask me drive with glasses on.... ahhhh! I just not use to this.

Another nightmare , when work late and the lenses not coming out from your eyes like glue stick on to your eyes. WTH!!!!
Suffer!!! Frustrated!

I feel at ease with this ProVision55 because it soft and convenient to take out and also put into your eyes!
I able to wear long hours without drying my eyes too.

This is an alternative to you if you are looking out for a change.

Most of safe!

Saving hard earn money to replace my lenses.
Yup!I am working towards that eye lenses replacement procedure soon.
That procedure damn bloody rip off my golden treasure box you know!
So need to create special fund just for my eyes.

I am getting aging and my eye sight getting worst now.isk isk isk...Now wanna read book also have to put my book distant from my eyes then only can read clearly.
So SIAN,huh?
Oh my eyes....why you aging faster than my age!!!!

Wae???? Wae???
In Drama Queen mode now....

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