Friday, August 29, 2014


Most recently,Hada Labo named the famous heroine of the hit Korean Drama TV series " My Love from the Star" , Jun Ji Hyun aka Gianna Jun as the new brand ambassador.
Why Jun Ji Hyun as ambassador?
She is cheerful and always bring out her true self and she fits to represent Hada Labo.
Isn't she stunning???
Whoaaaaaaa!!!!!! (jaw drop shocking stunning)

What is Jun Ji Hyun secrets on how to achieve a confident look with beautiful , healthy looking skin?
Moisturising skin is very important as its helps to maintain its optimum moisture balance.Hada Labo is must have item in Jun Ji Hyun daily skincare regime.

For those who have heard about Hada Labo but don't really know how it further and for those who never heard about this brand before....continue....your reading....

What is Hada Labo philosophy?
"Perfect X Simple " for ultimate perfection and ultimate simplicity.

Hada Labo launched in Japan in year 2004, its sells at every 4 seconds in Japan and subsequently sells at every 2 seconds. Serious this is NO JOKE! Every 2 seconds! Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion reached Malaysian shores in year 2010 and it received overwhelming response from Malaysian Women nationwide.

What is the goodness of Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion?
The product comprises of SUPER HYALURONIC ACID , a key ingredient that instantly hydrates skin and helps preserve its moisture balance. The secret to deep moist skin lies in getting moisture to work effectively across all layers of the skin.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion contains 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid (HA) molecules :

 - with fine molecule of 1/20 HA, it easily penetrates and infuses moisture deep into skin to prepare skin for enhanced skin care ingredients absorption.
- with 2 times the moisture retention capacity of HA, it is able to mimic the natural moisturizing ability and combine with medium size HA to lock in and retain large volume of moisture inside the skin for super hydration.
- new generation of HA, with high water retention ability, staying on skin surface to hold moisture and maintain long lasting hydration.
- forms a layer of moisture retaining barrier to protect skin from moisture loss. It covers the medium size HA firmly to effectively provide skin with a powerful double layer moisture-locking shield to lock in moisture on skin

The new improved Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion with  superior combination of all 4 HA helps to locks in the moisture for the skin to reach optimal radiance and translucence that helps revitalize dehydrated skin which making skin feels significantly softer and suppler. Hada Labo Hydrating lotion is mineral oil free, free of fragrance, alcohol and colorant.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion comes in 2 variants :

1. Hada Labo Hyrating Lotion  - rich texture and it is formulated for dry and normal skin

2. Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion light - lighter texture that is non sticky and refreshing . It suitable for oily, combination or acne prone skin.

Each bottle comes in 170ml, RP : RM49.90/bottle.

psssssssttttttt!!!!!! Soon Hada Labo will be introducing its whitening lotion and whitening lotion light!

Oh ya how to use this Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion?
1st Step - Clean your face with your facial cleanser.
2nd Step - Massage Hada Labo Hydrating lotion onto your face and neck area thoroughly.
(kick out your toner and use Hada Labo Hydrating lotion instead)
3rd Step - Your face now ready to accept any serum and moisturizer! olalalalala so easy breazy!

During the product launching event....right bottom you could see the VIPs of Hada Labo.

The event was MC by Gorgeous Miss Stephanie Chai. They even do the demo on how HA retains the moisture in our skin.

This is totally like in Science lab during our school days!!!!

 Have you heard about Mentholatum????
The Mentholatum Company founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non prescription drugs and healthcare products. The headquarters is in New York , US with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada , Scotland, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico. South korea, P.R China, India and Japan.
The privately held company of 99 years was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd of Osaka, Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the eye care , topical and stomach relief categories.
Every Mentholatum products has earned a reputation for quality , value and each brand sold with unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.

I was invited to attend the new improved Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion yesterday morning at Marini's On 57, Kuala Lumpur's highest rooftop bar. I am glad I accept the invitation extended to me by Elana Khong. I met another fellow blogger Sherry Go  and Vivi  and Mina Magazine Feature Writer Jia Yi.

Lovely view but my camera not cooperate with me that day.

Go back office with stomach full with delicious food from Marini's on 57 and 2 large bottles of new Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion. Since my last Sis is diligently using this bottle for her yo!

Visit Hada Labo Official Website for more details on product.

Thursday, August 28, 2014


The other day went to Low Yat because Chingu is looking for and then happily bought Samsung Galaxy S4 for himself before off to his back pack trip to China. On the way back saw this Mr Dakgalbi. Aiiiikkkk...since me so Korean craze woman. I did some sweet talk and Chingu agreed to settle our dinner with Korean food.

hehehe..happy me!!!

Dakgalbi is Korean popular dish originated from Chuncheon and Gangwon province.

Dakgalbi is a stir frying marinated dices chicken in a gochujang (chilli pepper paste) based sauce with sliced cabagge , goguma aka sweet potato ,scallions ,onions and tteok aka rice cake...all in together on a hot plate. 

You can add rice or ramen or both if you are too crazy hungry. Some add cheese in it too.

This is Mr Dakgalbi near Bukit Bintang branch. It located just next to CIMB Bank at YTL Building.

Mine with ramen and octopus added in

huh! so sweating waiting for my dinner!
The person attending to us not Korean...they are Bangladeshi..OMO!

What is the taste????
hahahahahahaha... Chingu and me look at each other....what is this????
Maggi mee goreng mamak kah ini???
Add octopus, veggies and chilli muahahahaha...
So Korean huh???
I ate this in Seoul when I was there with live Octopus in....OMG!!!

You can get more info at Mr Dakgalbi facebook and try their food. Overall great experience in trying other people food.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


MVCA (Malaysia Venture Capital and Private Equity Association) is holding its first ever VC2E Roadshow 2014. Attention all Penang people!!!! MVCA first stop will be in Penang on 25th September 2014. 

Calling all aspiring Entrepreneurs in Penang to bring innovative ideas and join this roadshow. At this event you will get to meet and get to know the nature of venture capital funding and what makes the venture capitalist invest in you.

Who said no money means cannot start business?
Ideas and execution plan is the most important to start a business.

The seats are limited. Do register yourself early by download this registration form 
Or you can visit for more details.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Ice Bucket challenge is so HOT now among the Korean celebrities.

What is Ice Bucket challenge??
The Ice Bucket Challenge asks people to make recording of themselves getting drenched with ICE WATER, post it online and nominate others to do the same within 24 hours or donate US$100 to ALS Research Centre.

What is ALS?
ALS stands for Amytrophic Lateral Sclerosis or often refer as " Lou Gehrig's Disease.
This disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that affects nerve cells in the brain and the spinal cord. Motor neurons reach from the brain to spinal cord and from the spinal cord to the muscles throughout the body which leads to progressive total paralysis and death within 2 - 5 years from the time of occurrence. The exact cause and treatment of the disease is yet to be found. One of the famous victim for this disease is Stephen Hawkins.

Why using the ICE WATER in the challenge?
ICE WATER is use to let participants know what it is like to have a muscle spasm even if fopr a short time.

Recently, Corey Griffin, an American cofounder of the Ice Bucket Challenge, died in a diving accident on Aug. 16 at age 27. He started the cause to help his friend Peter Frates, a US baseball player who was diagnosed with ALS two years ago.

The challenge started long time ago but was popularized in the US in late June this year 2014 when personalities of the program Morning Drive ,which airs weekdays oin Golf Channel, out this socialk media phenomenon on air and performed the ice bucket challenge on air. Many high profile celebrities like Lady Gaga,Justin Timberlake, David Bekham many others and even Bill Gates and David Bekham participate in Ice Bucket Challenge.

It started to take over Korea when orean singer Tim was nominated by his friend in the United States. He then nominated singer Sean, Brian Joo and K-pop idol Choi Si-won.
So far, many celebrities including G-Dragon, BoA, Jang Geun-suk and Jo In-sung have doused themselves.

All photos credit to

Yoo Jae Suk the famous Korean National MC on right side and K pop Idol Suzy on left side

Rain decided to do both donates 100 million KRW estimate US$98,300 to research and development of a cure for ALS and took up the challenge as well.

Kim Soo Hyun the star from My Love from the Star also took up the challenge

This one is Park Shin Hye, Hyoyeon , SNSD

Lee Gwang Soo too

Many Korean celebrities are sending their funds directly to Seungil Hope Foundation, co-founded by singer Sean and Park Seung-il, a former basketball coach for Ulsan Mobis Phoebus who is currently fighting ALS.

Among other celebrities who participated in Ice Bucket Challenge :

Kim Soo Hyun: Taecyeon, Lee Hyun Woo
Minah: Sunmi, Lee Hyun Woo, Kang Ho Dong
Henry: Sam Hammington, UN secretary Ban Ki Moon
Niel: 100%'s Rokhyun, Park Hwi Soon
Changbum: Jun.K, Baekhyun, Jaehyo
Kim Woo Bin: Lee Jong Suk, Hong Suk Chun, Moon Won Joo
Insoo: Shin Soo Ji, Ahn Jung Hwan, MYNAME's JoonQ
Dara: Thunder, Lee Jun Ki, Lim Soo Jung

many more long list of celebrities for this challenge.

I think it hits Malaysian....I don't know who started in Malaysia.

Monday, August 25, 2014


Muse By Watsons Sunway Pyramid

 I was invited to visit Muse by Watsons at Sunway Pyramid for 10 Step Korean Skincare Regime demonstration. 

For years Watsons is well known as Asia's leading health and beauty retailer. You won't miss their appealing stores since they currently operating over 3,500 stores across Asia which also including European market too. In Malaysia alone, Watsons operates 250 stores serving in total more than 50,000 customers daily.

 Following to the current trend and to be more competitive in beauty industry, Muse by Watsons was established to cater a premium beauty retail brand in year 2013. Muse by Watsons offer a holistic experience of rediscovering beauty, supporting its brand promise of ' LOOK GOOD AND FEEL GREAT'.

The flagship MUSE by Watsons store located in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall and is the first in the region. MUSE by Watsons offers personalised services by professional beauty consultants, qualified skin specialists and well-trained nail colour service assistants.

What to expect at MUSE by Watsons :

* Comfortable and Warm
* A Chain that feels personal
* Best of the accessible premium
* New and fresh
* Reassuring expertise

MUSE by Watsons houses 12 exclusive brands and cosmetic products for both women and men of all ages.



 MUSE by Watsons  Flagship store at LG1.59, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Malaysia

 As usual IMA reached the second...I let one glamour blogger enter the store first. Haishhhh... looking at her...IMA feel so under dress for the event. Really I am bad when it come to dressing up! I need to learn more. Well actually reached Sunway Pyramid as early as 11:30am for an event start only at 2:30pm. I know...that photo of me with MUSE look very dark.

 Being among the earliest has lots of advantages. There are saying says....Early bird catch the worms!!!
Sabrina the bubbly and gorgeous beauty consultants really walk me through the entire stores with lots of details explanation on brands carry by MUSE. Her explanation was so details and as if she is reading a beauty bible. This means it is proven most of beauty consultants at MUSE by Watsons is well trained.

You want anti ageing?  Reduce dark circles? Serum? Acne prevention? more and more and more....from top to toe and they even carries variety of famous fragrance. You name it!!!! You got it Babe!

 All caterpillars was welcome by MUSE by Watsons Brand Manager, Miss Amanda Gan. Our main focus review for today is Cremorlab brand and CLIV which one of the exclusive brand carry by MUSE by Watsons.

We were presented with live 10 step Korean Skincare Regime by one of Senior Beauty Stylist and Consultant. That gorgeous woman was the model of the day!   

10 steps??? OH MY GOD!!! that long for skincare regime? So hardworking meh???
Hello Sisters!!!  you can spend hours to doll up yourself before stepping need to spend the same amount of time to take care of your skin too. IMA is paying hefty price for neglecting this important skincare regime! regret also no point since I can't get back my last year age! isk isk of nature case! so cannot object...


Step 1 : Remove your makeup / Pre-cleanse
- most Korean use the "double cleanse" method. 
- Remove make up with gentle makeup remover for eyes and lips then followed by a cleansing oil for face. 
- Use a nutrient-rich cotton wipes which is gentle on the skin.
- Next use a deep cleansing oil to draw out impurities within pores.

Suggest use :
CLIV Mediskin Cleansing Lotion , 250ml RP:RM90
CLIV Cleansing Oil, 250ml RP:RM90

Step 2 : The Cleanse
- Korean women will cleanse with mild cream or foaming cleanser depending on the skin type to further remove any excess traces of makeup or dirt on the surface skin.
- Massage the face gently to increase circulation will brings out a brighter complexion.

Suggest use :
CREMORLAB Foaming Cleanser , 145ml RP:RM59

Step 3 : The Exfoliator
- Remove dead skin cells by exfoliate with a facial scrub at least once a week.
- Gently focus on trouble areas like visible pores and blackheads on the nose.

Suggest use :
DHC Facial Scrub, 100g RP: RM69.90
CREMORLAB O2 Bubble Energizing Mask, 100ml, RP : RM99

Step 4 : The Refresher
- Apply toner to balance and restore skin's PH to allow better penetration for next step which is Essense.
- Toning helps to tighten pores

Suggest use :
CREMORLAB Essence Tonic, 250ml RP : RM69

Step 5 : The Essense
- Essense is often regard as the most important step of the Korean skincare regime.
- It nourishing liquid concentrate that enhances the skin's cellular renewal process.
- It increase elasticity and firmness as well as brighter complexion.
- apply to a cotton pad and tap product into the skin

Suggest use :
CREMORLAB Mineral Treatment Essence , 270ml RP : RM129

Step 6 : The Ampoule 
- Ampoules contain concentrated active ingredients with smaller molecules for deeper penetration to target specific skin concerns.
- It work wonders to combat signs of ageing, pigmentation , excessive oil production.

Suggest use : 
CLIV Mediclear Healer Ampoule , 30ml, RP : RM200
CLIV REvitalizing CI2PL Corrector Ampoule, 30ml RM200

Step 7 : The Sheet Mask
- use a sheet a mask twice a week on top of your skincare ritual. For damn dry skin like IMA, suggest to use more frequent.
- Sheet mask soaked in nutritious ingredients.
- Secret of sheet mask??? They force you skin to absorb the nutrients and moisture intensively - before the product has a change to evaporate.

Suggest use : 
CLIV Mediclear Healer Ampoule Mask, 35g RP : RM33
CLIV Seaweed Mediclear Ampoule Mask, 35g RP : RM33
CLIV Revitalizing CI2PL Ampoule Mask , 35g RP : RM33
CLIV Collagen Resurgene Ampoule Mask, 35g RP : RM33

Step 8 : The Eye Cream
- Skin around eyes are very thin and fragile compare to our facial skin. So you need extra gentle care.
- it more prone to lines , wrinkles and dehydration; so remember to pamper your eye area.
- Gently tap the product around entire eyes to keep the area moisturised to shy away fine lines.
- I know many of us learn to massage our eyes in circle. Well this prone to more winkles develop.

Suggest use :
CREMORLAB Wrinkle Off Eye Cream, 15ml, RP : RM89

Step 9 : The Moisturiser
- replenish skin's hydration and lock it with a lightweight emulsion.
- Use fingertips to lightly massage the product into your face and neck to promote healthy blood circulation.

Suggest use : 
CREMORLAB Fresh Water Gel,100ml, RP : RM119
CLIV Mediclear Cream, 70g, RP: RM180

Step 10 : The Night Cream
- Final step ,apply a night cream to help lock the goodness of the serum or ampoules while adding moisture and firming effect (for anti ageing range)
- Another option is to use a sleeping pack which is a jelly like texture packed with moisture and many nourishing benefits, leaving the skin velvety soft and well hydrated from the inside out.

Suggest use :
CREMORLAB Enriched Moisture, 45ml, RP : RM129
CLIV Active Resurgence Wine Capsule Gel, 50ml, RP : RM100
AN+PM 10 Peptide Firming Night Gelly, 118ml, RP : RM69

For day time, you can skip this step and use a sunblock or BB Cream before stepping out!

Phewwwwwww!!!!! by now , you skin should look and feel refreshed with a dewy and glowing complexion - just like most Korean have it!
Tired with too many steps???? Huh! you need effort to look good! No pain no Gain!

Cremorlab is nature’s gift of science. 
Rich in minerals, including a high concentration of vanadium and germanium. T.E.N. gives clear, translucent skin and enhances firmness. 
The name Cremorlab represents a golden ratio between nature & science.  
Nature is the artist. It created T.E.N., standing for “Thermal water therapy, Eco energy and Natural Nourishment”; the key in ingredients in Cremorlab products. T.E.N. comes from the thermal waters of Geumjin, a region in Korean’s Gangwon Province, which was created during the Permian period of the Paleozoic era following crustal movements. Famous  for its richness in minerals, T.E.N. comes from pristine water sources 1,100 meters underground, and has given birth to a cosmetic line with exceptional hydrating powers. 

Another Highlight brand is CLIV.
Cosmecutical Solution Laboratories 4th Skincare. Pronounce as CL4 which is a Professional Medicals Aesthetic Brand where provides a professional skin care customized for each skin type through the 4 stages.

If you walk in to MUSE by Watsons and spoil with choices....not sure what product to use? Don't worry...
You can get your skin analysis and get the print out on your skin condition and get best advice from Beauty Consultants. They will suggest suitable product best suit your skin condition based on your skin analysis result.

IMA gotten the skin analysis done.
Damn dry....small pore but full of white head. Seriously so dirty! WTH!
Of course the ageing factor and the heavy pigmentation....Aegooooo..Rina yaaaaaa.....Otteoke!!!!

Last but not least...IMA going through express makeovers by Mike! happy!!!!!
IMA so in love with Mary Quant lipstick - Gooseberry, CLIO Waterproof Pen Liner and CLIV Revitalizing C12PL Corrector Ampoule and will review these items soon.

Drop by at MUSE by Watsons and get your suitable products for better skin care!

Like MUSE by Watsons facebook today and get more details on promotions available!