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Friday, September 19, 2014



Love gives you....

* Happiness
* Joy
* Flutters
* Courage

Love also gives you....

* Pain
* Blame
* Hurt
* Sadness
* Despair
* Misery

Love also gives you strength to overcome those pain,blame,hurt.sadness,despair and misery.

Do you know when you in love.... life will be more subtle?

When you in love....

* You feel good
* You learn to be patient
* You be more considerate

Put away your selfishness....make more friends and be love all!

IMA still unable to take away that selfishness ....haissshhhh!!!!

Have a good loving weekend all!!!!


  1. I felt all those you mentioned above ever since i started to be in a relationship. That's what makes us grow :)

    1. good luck to you in love! I wish you happy ever after...

  2. You've a wonderful weekend too, Cindy! xoxo

  3. A mixture of bitter, sweet, sour and spicy. That's love.


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