Wednesday, October 8, 2014


You are trying to lose weight but craving to eat delicious chocolate chips cookies???
I found this recipe at
This is healthy protein soft cookies.

You don't need any flour or eggs and you don't need to bake this cookies.

All you need are 3 ingredients

Yes!!!! you read it right. Just 3 ingredients for this delicious healthy soft cookies.

Ingredients :

* Chickpeas in can
* Peanut butter preferable the organic one. (I use the crunchy peanut butter since I wanna munch)
* Dark Chocolate Chips ( you can opt this with prunes or any other dried fruits or even other nuts)

 How to make this yummy pack with protein soft cookies?

Can of chickpeas put into food processor.
You don't have food processor?
Just mash this with back of spoon! 

There you go...mash it until it become like this...
I like chunky cookies

Put the chickpea dough in a bowl and then mixed with peanut butter. I use 170g chunky peanut butter. Mix it together in a bowl.

Then add in dark choco chips and mix it.

You then can shape whatever you like with your cookies dough. I just make it into this small mini balls. Then chill the cookies in your freezer for 10 minutes and wallahhhhhhhh....your delicious peanut butter and choco chips soft cookies ready to eat.

You don't have to worry about chickpea taste or whatsoever because you can't even taste or smell the chickpeas. The peanut butter cover it all. 

I pop up this cookies before my work out. Its full of protein and the most important low in calories!

Happy trying!!!!

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