Tuesday, October 7, 2014


I always worry about being on the high risk side whenever I drive back to my home town.
4 hours driving on the highway with all those reckless fast and furious drivers, sleepy head lorry drivers, the big gigantic conqueror bus drivers.....really make me feel so scared to death.

I normally go back early in the morning because I hate the heavy traffic and I cannot drive under the hot sun. I can't drive at night too because I have bad vision!
isk isk isk ..IMA have many limitations...aging woman driver on the road!

I have no choice....because my parent live up to the north side and I need to visit my old parent! isk isk isk ...not easy to full fill my duty as responsible daughter!

When I was driving back to the north on Saturday early morning, I encountered many reckless drivers whom I guess their house or home town got wheels and they are in the midst of chasing their runaway house! WTH!
They drove fast on the emergency lane and suddenly cut in out of sudden. Well...emergency lane is for cars or anybody to use when they have emergency. This lane sometimes have stop car or lorry. So this chaser drivers will suddenly cut in immediately to avoid this. 
IMA will end up go..OMO OMO OMO and most of the time the extreme alert state and IMA's neck will be bloody stiff because of stress. You need to stay focus all the time and really stress me up!

IMA encounter lorry driver, who drove the lorry to others lane out of sudden because the bloody irresponsible driver is playing with his phone. WTF!!!

Lucky, IMA reached hometown safely and doesn't get caught on the heavy jam due to fatal accident at the IPOH Tunnel last Saturday. IMA just reached home town when heard about the fatal accident!
R.I.P!!!! to the innocent victims...I am really speechless to the reckless one!

IMA admit death and life is our own destiny...but human ignorant and careless really play big part on causing others big problem too.

IMA's car almost got thrown up to the side, while driving back to KL this morning. There was this driver who drove his car super sonic fast and when over took IMA's car. Serious!!!!! feel like a gigantic bus over taking but it just a car!

Too many cars, lorries and buses who drove on the middle lane and flashing the high beam light as if IMA at the fast lane. Beh tahan wei!!!!
So you thought I am driving very damn slow hor???
IMA follow the rule strictly.
Yes..the speed limit at highway is between 100 - 110km/h.
IMA was driving at between 90 - 100km/h on the middle lane...seriously...feel like middle finger wanna be up when those stupid idiotic drivers did that to me. 
Am I suppose to drive at the slow lane with this speed???
Hello...you wanna be fast???? Go fast lane la....*#!?!

To all reckless and super fast and furious drivers!!!!
You wanna die???
Die alone...don't drag others to your suicidal scheme!!!

So stressful!!!!

Parent don't want to move to KL...isk isk isk..airport to far from hometown. 
Take Bus????
So unreliable and not safe too!
Let others to drive???
isk isk isk ...IMA don't trust others too!

Ah! full of risk!!!!!

I always feel so relief, every time I reach to my destination after long driving...phewwwwwww!!!!
Every time...whenever I am back safely...my thought will be...ahhhh!!! not my time yet!
The horror of driving back home town facing all those idiotic unscrupulous drivers..really really haunt me! isk isk isk ...this world ain't safe and people are getting mad and crazier!!! 

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