Friday, November 28, 2014


Few people I met along the 21 years in this big city who are I appreciate so much....

This sweet Cili aka Jamie whom I met during my worked days in advertising agency. She is sweet and blunt. Thats what I like about my friend. I love honest people and not the fake one. This picture during my recent birthday meal with her at Wondermama@BV. Look at the photo, she was struggling to my worst present wrapping for her.kekekekekeke...which she commented, 'Rina! you never improve on your wrapping skills over this year? ' Adooooiiii!!!!

Her present for me this year is this H&M pre reload card for me to go for a shopping spree on whatever I want with one message from Cili, 'Rina! you can buy whatever you want but if not enough please reload it yourself hor!' Adooooi!!!!

Another friend who I treasure so much gave me this Purtier 'Deer Placenta' which according to him will make me a lot younger. According to him this whole box cost him RM650/-! You say what????
Can you just give me the cash instead of spending on this supplement? It was annoying when he keeps calling me daily and asking me did I feel any different after taking this supplement? To be honest for something you spent RM650/-....nope! I don't feel any different except for I have trouble sleeping which is not much help for me to preserve my youth!

My other friend who happily full sponsored my Jeju do trip, I feel thankful to him too. Thank you for being there for me all these years. I feel honored you make my 40th birthday the most memorable one!

Another friends , Jack and Julie whom I met during my days with one of property management company and they still in touch with me and occasionally meet up for brunch. Thank you for growing old with me! I appreciate your friendship so much.

Last but not least, my Pei Ling Chingu whom I met 4 years ago and with her, we both share the hardship and happiness together working in the same place. Now that both of us separated to find our own path and destination, I wish both of us happiness and stay strong on whatever obstacle comes. Be positive and stay humble!

All of you a blessing from above for me and Thank you all for your friendship all these year!

Have a good weekend all!

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


16th October 2014, Wednesday

Today is my final night at Jeju do. I feel sad because my greedy me wish for more times here. Many places I haven't visit eg. my dreams to climb Mt Hallasan. Anyway, I thankful for God to allow me to reach here.

I had this at my favourite Ajumma's Restaurant at Chilsimni Food Street at Seowigpo,Jeju do. That Ajumma was super generous to me too.

 Final dinner at Jeju do, I ordered this Spicy Seafood Hot Pot aka Haemul-Jeongol.So many fresh seafood and fresh vegetables in here. The soup was super delicious because the various ingredients combines into this one pot. Do you drooling see this hot pot? What is in this hot pot? Abalone, Octopus, Sea Cucumber, Sea Squirt, Crabs, Prawn, Clams, Enoki Mushrooms and other vegetables.

Ajumma's banchan really don't let me down. Especially her seasoned sesame leaf side dishes and that anchovies. Her sauce which goes with that white cabbage really DAEBAK!!!!
'Ajuma! ma-sit-sso-yo...'

At least she use this delicious sticky purple rice and not the normal white rice. Back home I use to eat brown rice, so it is a bit difficult for me to accept white rice. snobbish!

The grilled mackerel that I never forget. Love the taste and the crunchiness. You eat it from the meat to the bones and to the tail and head.

Another must try in Jeju is this Sea urchin seaweed soup aka Seongge Miyeok-guk. The yellow colour in the soup bowl is sea urchin. Sea urchin and seaweed soup is rich in protein, iron and low in calories. The taste a bit bland but acceptable to drink it hot. Especially after whole day touring the Island.

On the first night at Jeju, I wanted to eat this famous Jeju Mandarin Orange but mostly sells in bulk like many oranges in one buy. I can't finish it all if I buy it. I wish for kind heart Ajumma to offer me with Jeju Mandarin Orange. I don't want many. Just one is enough to taste. That night while having my hot pot dinner, I saw one car stop in front of restaurant. One Ajuma came out from the car then brought in big basket of Jeju Orange. WTH!

In my heart praying heart for my favourite Ajuma to offer me one orange for dessert. see the photo. Ajuma walk to me with a tray of Jeju Orange and offer me 5 Jeju Orange for FREE. She said , its ok no need to pay. I let you try. hahahaha yeah I can understand her clearly although she was talking in Korean to me.

'Ajuma! Gamsahabnida....sarang-hae!!!!'

Wheeeeeee!!!!! my heart screaming happily! My wish came true at Jeju do. 

How was the taste?
Not sweet or sour like the normal mandarin orange we ate during CNY. I think this one is perfect to make citrus tea.

After my stomach full, I walked outside and trying to tease this Jeju cat. But this cat...too corky and snobbish cat I ever met! See see ..that fella don't bother me and then just give that one confident look straight to my camera.

The end of my Jeju post and tomorrow I will fly back to Busan for another 2 nights before flying back to Malaysia. This time I will be staying near Gwangalli Beach at Busan. Seaside view...everyone!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


16th October 2014, Wednesday

I visited Udo Island which is my final itinerary in Jeju.

How to visit Udo Island?
You need to take a ferry ride from Seongsan Port.

Then when you reach Udo you can opt to take Tour Bus or rent ATV or motorbike or if you rent a car then you can bring your board you car together with ferry from Jeju to Udo. You need to bear in mind that the road in Udo is kind of narrow and it just small Island. You need at least 2 hours to round the Island. For those who loves beaches and natural surrounding can spend 3 hours there.

I wish I could have more times to spend a Udo but after my Jeju Folk Village tour I only have around 1 1/2 hours to round Udo before the last ferry back to Jeju. isk isk isk....I wish the time stop so I could have more time to enjoy beautiful Udo.

Udo is an Island situated on the eastern end of Jeju. It was named Udo because this Island look like a lying cow. This place is like a miniature of Jeju.

What attraction you can find at Udo?
- local heritage  eg. female divers , stone walls and stone tombs.
- fertile soils and abundant of fish
- scenic sights.
- more towards maritime tourism
- Seobin Baeksa (a coral beach designated as Natural Monument No. 438) always appear in films and TV commercial. It has emeral blue sea water and white smooth sandy beach.

What you activities you can do at Udo?
- there are many homestay and pension at Udo for you to spend a night there
- you can enjoy fishing, bike trails, sand massaging , submarines and cruises tour.

I took ferry call Udoland at 2:30pm from Seongsan port. Mainly local tourist. Return ferry ticket cost KRW5,500/-person. The journey from Jeju to Udo mainland by ferry take around 30 minutes.

First offer to rent this small bike is KRW35,000/- then walked further down somebody else offered to get this for KRW30,000/- for 2 hours. End up tour Udo with this Yellow lil bike.Oh! if you wanna ride this you need international or local driving license. My friend have I no need to worry just sit back and enjoy the view.

Lava black stone, ocean strong wave, the wind blow like going to snatch you away from standing on the ground, the beautiful pattern of the cloud....this is how I can describe Udo.

If you visit Udo, don't forget to eat groundnut ice cream. This yummy ice cream!
Udo is famous with ground nut.

I wish I could overnight here. Nice place! Look at that overlook the beautiful ocean.

Whoa!!! the can easily suicide by being sweep away.

The mermaid and the female divers.

The light house and me!

This dog was super excited to see me. Jumping and jumping and jumping like he is dancing to the  'crayon pop 'song.
I bought this peanut hot cakes from the Udo mute seller. She hide inside her van because its cold weather and use sign language to communicate. Love this peanut hot cakes.

So love the light house. Nice view too.

Walked into one of the cafe to get hot cappuccino  while waiting for last ferry to arrive to take me back to Jeju.

On the way to Jeju...met with this beautiful sunset with seagull flying around.

These are the photo from my friend's camera and this is how I look like on the ferry. Yeahhhhhh.... hair ran wild and it was freaking cold to stay outside here. Mainly local hide inside in the second level. I choose the top level despite the weather to freaking cold because of the Sewol Ferry case. If anything happen , I can jump easily. WTH! My imagination went to far is it?

Tomorrow will be the post for my final feast in Jeju and my first time taste the Jeju orange.

Friday, November 21, 2014


16th October 2014

My second itinerary for final day at Jeju do was the Jeju Folk Village Museum...isk isk isk ....times travel so damn fast.

Where is Jeju Folk Village Museum?
40-1, Pyoseon -myeon, Seogwipo-si, Jeju-d.
You can enter this telephone number into GPS : 064 787 4501

What is Jeju Folk Village Museum?

There are about 117 houses and facilities in this place. Jeju Folk Village Museum has restored the scenes of the village of the 1890's. There are many of them and among them are :

* Mountain Village
* Hill Country Village
* Fishing Village
* Shamanism Village

It was built on land of more than 40 acres after long term research and analysis of experts. Many extensive range of folk items on display on this area,eg. wooden ware, bamboo ware, earth ware, porcelain ware, wax candles , ironware and some other ancient items.
Many old days customs can be explored here at The Jeju Fol Village Museum.

Are you a fan of Korean Drama?
Well some of the historical dramas was filmed here, eg. the well know Daeganggeum aka Jewel in the Palace, The Great Merchant Kim and many more famous drama.

IMA went back home and watch Daeganggeum Drama again especially from episodes 27 to 32  where Jang Geum learns medicine as a maid were filmed especially at Jeju Folk Village.

One can relates and appreciate the amazing scenic beauty of Jeju as well as experience the traditional culture of Jeju at this Museum.

I love historical and ancient story so this place complete my journey at Jeju do.

Walked into this shop near the entrance and decided to eat this original Jeju Bread.

Bought cappuccino to compliment this original Jeju Bread. The taste of this bread??? Full of orangie taste. hahahaha just because their specialty is orange.

After some coffee and bread...let us walk and enjoyyyyyy and feel the history...

See how they tied that rock to the roof just to avoid that roof being taken away by strong wind?
That corn dried hanging by the natural way of drying farm crops.

IMA experienced the corn grinding using all these ancient tools...hehehe

See that house has only one pillar in the center. Different part of Jeju different style of houses built.

This one is the ancestors offering custom.

Their toilet always link to pig pen.
See that boy is doing his 'business' and the pig is rushing for the offering...understand the cycle????
hehehehehe...this is nature everybody!!!

They even have fresh vegetables farm every where here and the flowers was plant according to season.

That pumpkin are all real!!!!
Big, ripe and bloody heavy and I bet it sweet to eat!!!
Ahhhh.... I feel like wanna have pumpkin soup for instance.

Jang Geum look so real here....ahhhh...really can relate back when came to film site house.

This one is 'Hanyeo' aka Woman Diver's house. That was the 'old times' Hanyeo's suit before replace that modern one.

The top two in the photo is place where you can eat traditional dish in Jeju. The price not so expensive.
The bottom two is Shaman Village. Shaman is somebody who gain power and knowledge from spirit world to heal people..

The eerie feeling when set foot into this Shaman Village. huhuhuhuhuh....

This place is where ancient people entertain themselves with  many types of traditional games.

Jeng jjeng jeng..this is place to punish all the criminals.

The prison everyone and Jang Geum was imprison here too.

I am rushing to catch ferry to Udo Island...check out my next post for final itinerary at Jeju do before off to Busan for another 2 nights.

Next week will be another Busan episode before wrap up the whole Busan and Jeju journey.

Have a good weekend all!