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12th October 2014, Sunday
On my birthday...this is how I celebrated my birthday! U go girl!!!!

How to go to Geumjeongsanseong Mountain Fotress?

- Take metro line 1 and get off at Beomeosa , Exit 5 and you have to walk about 3 minutes to bus terminal
- Take bus no. 90
- don't worry you won't miss since many ajumma and ajussi with hiking attire walking towards the bus terminal or if still worry ask just follow them confidently..WTH!

THE STORY (imagine the scene while reading this story...magical)

The name of Geumjeongsan comes from the legend about a gold fish come down riding on a five colored cloud and played in the golden colored pond on the highest peak of the mountain, Godangbong, 801.5m above sea level. In every valley a clear stream flows and a dense forest and a fantastic shaped granite cliffs have formed exquisite geographical features of Geumjeongsan. Everything looks as if its painting and deserve to be called the representative mountain of Busan.

Told you many Ajumma and Ajussi going too. So don't worry much when you travel here in Busan. To me this place is very safe then my own country!

You walk towards the entrance and find this temple. Don't know what temple but to me it look like Chinese temple because it s in Chinese Character which I can't read. The God statue there more similar to the temple I went in Bagan, Myanmar and Chinese influence too.

Love the colorful lantern and the serenity of the surrounding!

They also provide temple stay here.
That Ajuma is drinking the spring water.

I need to start my climb soonest possible since its already noon.
See those rocks??/ Like the stream and waterfall rock?
Thats the path I took!
Difficult but I made it to the top!

Leaves start to change color....wuhuhuhuhuh...lovely!
Along the way, there are some education info on nature. For example types of maple leaves and why it change color and when. They also educate people on type of animal, insects, rocks and so on. Not just about reaching the top but also to know the surrounding too.

Took off my outer layer.....huhuhuhuh not that sweaty since its windy and nice weather to climb here...but I feel a bit hot!
After about one hour climb, found this rest place for nun.

IMA went in and eat doughnuts and coffee while enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding.
Ah! so peaceful!!!!!

As you see the pattern of most pagoda in South Korea is almost the same like in China. The story of Buddha at the right bottom photo same like one I encounter in Myanmar.

Oh!!!! still far???
IMA so tired!!!!
Huh that Ajuma and Ajussi ...really Daebak!!!!

It has been long since IMA climb...feel very tired but maintain cool.
At this point my feet start to pain.

Finally reach at the North Gate!!!!

Look a bit like mini great wall of China.
See the photo of the top right????
The peak of that mountain is IMA challenge for the day!!!!

There are many Ajumma and Ajussi here.
They a busy taking photo and selfie in this 'Lalang' bushes.
Fill up my bottle with spring water.

Read up the legend and myth on the board...then I am off to continue my journey!

Then continue my journey!!!! I there yet???

OK hair up ledi!!!
The sweat start to flow...huhuhuhuhuh
I can do it!
I can do it!
I start to chant those words to boost up my motivation to continue the journey up!

The wild flowers and fruits and the view are breathtaking!
I climbed this far?????

Almost there!!!!
Strong wind from all over!
Can feel the pressure and the coldness!!!!

Ah! so worth it!
I did it!

Can see the whole Busan from here!
Gosh! this is my life time experience.

Take a break and have my kit kat and fish cakes!

That blue color Ajussi...I don't know him. I can't take selfie there alone because the wind are too strong and damn cold to even stick out my hand out my sweater pocket!
Even my nose start to watery due the dry coldness up here!

I have my mini picnic while those Ajuma and Ajussi pass by and look at me and say ...they are cold..cold ...cold!!!
I am cold too...and I still enjoy my picnic at the peak of Geumjeongsan Fotress on my birthday!
This is my achievement at 12 Oct 2014 on my birthday!!!!

Done with the strong wind and the view...I walked down from the peak with full of satisfaction on my achievement for the day. Total time spend 5 hours and half for up and down journey. I have lil break time because I am rushing to go down before dark! By the time I reached down its around 5:30pm!
Awwww!!! made it this far!!!

Now waiting for the bus to go back to the subway and wanna have some Korean dessert to complete my Birthday!!!!

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