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13th October 2014, Monday

Woke up with heavy rain outside...huh!!! do I need to stay in the room today???
No way!!!!
Air Ticket so expensive to get here and me stay on bed and watch Busan Channel whole day????

Change plan and concentrate for indoor tour.

I end up traveling to almost all underground shopping place at Metro! kekekeke...yesterday leg pain still not heal and here the 'kiasu' me window shopping until my eyes twisted and leg cramping!!!! The moral of the story....don't be so 'kiasu' la Ajumma....I am the one who suffer.

There few places to do underground shopping in Busan. The most famous one is at Samyeon and Gwangbok ro.  Many small shops for cosmetics, fashion and others here. Good price too! Not to forget the branded shopping center Shinsegae, Lotte Dept since this one just direct connect from subway so no need to get wet by rain.

How to go to this place?

Shinsegae , Lotte Dept Store and Busan Cinema Center
- Take subway line 2 (green color)
- Stop at Bexco (Exit 1) and walk about 5 minutes

Samyeon underground shopping haven
- Take subway line 2 (green color)
- Stop at Samyeon and this is interconnection line so just walk and you will find many shop around

Gwangbok underground fashion street
- Take subway line 1 (orange color)
- Stop at Nampo and walk towards exit 10

I just bought 2 shirts and some Etude stuff which lil sis order from Samyeon. The rest I end up stuffing myself with Korean awesome food.

I had my brunch at Shisagae, food court. The rest don't know how to end up with 'super spicy tteukbokki and twigim'. Aegooooo! my burning stomach....I love spicy food but this super spicy tteukbokki made me sweat!

I met Chingu for dinner..since the next day both will be flying to Jeju so...its time for me to order good food. ASSSAAAAA!!!!! The greedy me end up over ordered!!!! There you go...

Even the side dishes make my table full with food...Busan Ajumma always generous with their side dishes. Gosh!!!! Do you believe it if I said I clean all the food at one sitting????
Of course you believe...the kiasu me..sure won't let it waste! I am not alone and I don't eat this alone..two of us was here! All of us consider small eater...thought of adding spicy fish stew..but none of us can continue...isk isk isk...maybe I try that in Jeju???

It is hard for me to walk back to my hotel after that...isk isk isk ...this teletubies feel like her body is heavier than usual...lucky I don't order rice. Serious this dinner is 'super delicious' feast!

After dinner took a stroll at 40 steps Cultural Tour Theme Street.

How to come here?
- Take subway line 1 (orange color)
- Stop at Jungang-dong
- Take exit 13 and its about 15 minutes walk

What is 40 steps Cultural Tour Theme Street?

This was a meeting plaza where refugees and wharf men used to wait for their families during the Korean War. The “40 Steps Cultural Tourism Theme Street”, covers the area from the Jungang-dong branch of Kookmin Bank to the 40 Steps and displays sculptures which show the lives of ordinary people at that time.

Night still young...when you have company with you....end up travel 45 minutes by subway to visit Dongbaek Island,Nurimaru Apec House to witness a nice night view of Busan.

- Take subway line 2 (green color)
- Stop at Dongbaek
- Take exit 1 and prepare to walk around 10 - 15 minutes.

There were beautiful park nearby and good for evening strolling. Magnificent view...i could say that since its all light up beautifully!

Yeah...that historical hand written from the famous scholar is here too. Like you see its all I could barely see what is written on the rock and can't see the rock too! hehehe....

Next entry will be my trip to land of love Jeju-do!

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