Wednesday, November 19, 2014


15th October 2014, Wednesday

My 15th October 2014 at Jeju was full of fun activities. I visited Natural Forest at Ecoland in the morning then follow with beautiful view at Sagumburi Crater and end my day trip with having tonnes fun at Alive Museum. Whole day just ate that Bingddeok at Sagumburi Crater. So damn hungry now!

I ate at different restaurant near Seowigpo Chilsimni Food Street.

Hotel just 5 minutes drive to this restaurant and here I am with my light CC Cream and lip balm because I can't lose to Jeju do Ajumma who wear thick BB Cream and red lipstick in the restaurant. Adooooiii!!!!

I ordered Obunjagi Ttukbaegi (Spicy Seafood Stew) which taste haven delicious!

Obunjagi is a mollusk and a close relative with the abalone family. It lives clinging to rocks about 20 meter under the water. Not easy to get this fella huh?
The meat of Obunjagi is full of calcium, iron and Vitamin B. Full of good nutrition!

I also ordered Jeonbokju or in English call it as Abalone Porridge. Yup again!
I had this yesterday for my late lunch but not satisfy with the taste. This one smells and taste lots of grains. Do you know this is the most nutritious food in Jeju. It contains beneficial in recovering liver functions and helping people to recover their strength and it is a must have food for women after giving birth. It was so famous even in ancient time this is a food was presented to the King.

My dinner menu are according to the Ajussi in this restaurant and he keep saying must eat food here. One complaint is their side dishes not as generous as the Ajumma yesterday! Tomorrow night is my final night in Jeju , I definitely going to have big feast at my Jeju Ajumma's Restaurant.


  1. Replies
    1. My final night worst.One big hot pot of seafood!

  2. Kak Reena memang masuk dengan semua jenis makanan ke camne? T_T Macam senang je cari makanan kat Korea hehehe

    1. Korea susah sikit nak cari yg boleh makan.Sbb saya ni picky orgnye hehehe Tapi Jeju senang sebab mainly serve just seafood and yang famous black pig tu separate place. I cuma pegi yg specialized in seafood je. Kena la jaga jugak. Kalau tak de sgt saya vegetarian je la.Tak pun buah je. Sbb tu la sekali dapat restaurant yg saya confident boleh makan saya order full table dan makan sampai tak larat bangun.

  3. Even the porridge looks heavenly ..sigh


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