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16th October 2014, Wednesday

I visited Udo Island which is my final itinerary in Jeju.

How to visit Udo Island?
You need to take a ferry ride from Seongsan Port.

Then when you reach Udo you can opt to take Tour Bus or rent ATV or motorbike or if you rent a car then you can bring your board you car together with ferry from Jeju to Udo. You need to bear in mind that the road in Udo is kind of narrow and it just small Island. You need at least 2 hours to round the Island. For those who loves beaches and natural surrounding can spend 3 hours there.

I wish I could have more times to spend a Udo but after my Jeju Folk Village tour I only have around 1 1/2 hours to round Udo before the last ferry back to Jeju. isk isk isk....I wish the time stop so I could have more time to enjoy beautiful Udo.

Udo is an Island situated on the eastern end of Jeju. It was named Udo because this Island look like a lying cow. This place is like a miniature of Jeju.

What attraction you can find at Udo?
- local heritage  eg. female divers , stone walls and stone tombs.
- fertile soils and abundant of fish
- scenic sights.
- more towards maritime tourism
- Seobin Baeksa (a coral beach designated as Natural Monument No. 438) always appear in films and TV commercial. It has emeral blue sea water and white smooth sandy beach.

What you activities you can do at Udo?
- there are many homestay and pension at Udo for you to spend a night there
- you can enjoy fishing, bike trails, sand massaging , submarines and cruises tour.

I took ferry call Udoland at 2:30pm from Seongsan port. Mainly local tourist. Return ferry ticket cost KRW5,500/-person. The journey from Jeju to Udo mainland by ferry take around 30 minutes.

First offer to rent this small bike is KRW35,000/- then walked further down somebody else offered to get this for KRW30,000/- for 2 hours. End up tour Udo with this Yellow lil bike.Oh! if you wanna ride this you need international or local driving license. My friend have I no need to worry just sit back and enjoy the view.

Lava black stone, ocean strong wave, the wind blow like going to snatch you away from standing on the ground, the beautiful pattern of the cloud....this is how I can describe Udo.

If you visit Udo, don't forget to eat groundnut ice cream. This yummy ice cream!
Udo is famous with ground nut.

I wish I could overnight here. Nice place! Look at that overlook the beautiful ocean.

Whoa!!! the can easily suicide by being sweep away.

The mermaid and the female divers.

The light house and me!

This dog was super excited to see me. Jumping and jumping and jumping like he is dancing to the  'crayon pop 'song.
I bought this peanut hot cakes from the Udo mute seller. She hide inside her van because its cold weather and use sign language to communicate. Love this peanut hot cakes.

So love the light house. Nice view too.

Walked into one of the cafe to get hot cappuccino  while waiting for last ferry to arrive to take me back to Jeju.

On the way to Jeju...met with this beautiful sunset with seagull flying around.

These are the photo from my friend's camera and this is how I look like on the ferry. Yeahhhhhh.... hair ran wild and it was freaking cold to stay outside here. Mainly local hide inside in the second level. I choose the top level despite the weather to freaking cold because of the Sewol Ferry case. If anything happen , I can jump easily. WTH! My imagination went to far is it?

Tomorrow will be the post for my final feast in Jeju and my first time taste the Jeju orange.


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