Tuesday, December 9, 2014


New Year is around the corner the corner. 
What is the common thing that everyone going to do when it come to New Year? 
Many would say they want to have a new start.
New Year , New You!
Is this a just a Mantra for everyone to sing song when it come to New Year?
A lip service, perhaps?

The New Year will certainly change to 1s Jan 2015 but you will likely remain as you and it is hard to change. 
Do agree with me if I said if we made a New Year's resolutions it will stick to us?
Do you agree with me, unrealistic resolutions are fated to go down the drain and to be recycled the next New Year?

Guess what?
Accept the fact that when you tie your behavioral change to a specific date , ie. over committed from what you can deliver, you are robbing yourself. High chances for you to fail!
Many will end up trying to recover from failure and to feel better....this famous phrase will occur.
"Maybe Next Year!"
Gosh! this is just a comfort phrase and most of us knew that this is just a lip service from the start and it just a psychological in nature.

Do you know anybody around you who make the same resolutions every year over and over again???
This is not a resolution but just a chronic disease call addiction.

What is common New Year's Resolutions you encounter over the years?

Here are the common  and randomly ranking resolutions :

1. Lose Weight
2. Save more money
3. Clean house
4. Spend less time on Facebook
5. Less TV time
6. Eat clean and be a vegetarian
7. Quit smoking
8. Drink less alchohol
9. Spend more time with children
10. Read more books
11. Do some charity
12. Revamp my wardrobe
13. Get a six pack
14. Eat less junk food
15. Reach office on time or earlier
16. Leave office on time more often
17. Start my own business
18. Eat less fast food
19. Be more socialise in real rather than on just facebook
20. Forget old gf / bf
21. Try extreme sports
22. Gain a promotion
23. Getting married
24. Be more organise
25. Be more discipline
26. Change new job
27. Cut someone out of life who isn't good
28. Watch less Drama
29. Run a half or full marathon
30. Tell someone I have feelings for them.

There are many more to list down. But even if I list down until my blog overloaded, if we don't have determination to keep our own promises to our self, its totally rubbish!

We broke our own promises and we are cheating nobody else but our own self.

Keep you resolution as humble as possible so you can honor it!

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