Wednesday, December 24, 2014


This is not the first time I visited Old Time Asia t One Utama. I ate here many times but mostly ate their specialty ''Fish Head Noodles' or Fish paste Noodles.

That day , don't know what is my mood swing, I am so craving for 'Sang Har Mien'. Serious , I almost drooling when I talked about it to Chinggu. huhuhuhuh....

Serious, my 'Sang Har Mien' was so delicious and it doesn't cost us a bomb in the pocket. This is like RM21.90 together with glass of lemon tea. Yeah! the sell in set.
Chingu were saying this is cheap because he ate at Jln Alor which cost him around RM70+ for a plate of this ...WTH! You got slaughtered at your country ar Chingu?
But of course that one has bigger prawns, right???? right Chingu?

Oh, my I finished my 'Sang Har Mien' but Chingu 'Special Fried Chicken' only show up after like 10 minutes when Chingu decided to call for the bill.

This plate of meal shown up with a very disappointment to our expectation. Well...if food came late...the least we expect, hot fried chicken, warm rice and hot fried sunny top. look damn presentable and delicious right????
Guess what , not only the food came freaking super late, when the partner finished off slurping her 'Sang Har Mien', it was super cold hard rice served with that cold sunny top. The fried chicken which suppose to be special....served with dripping oils too. Oh...gosh!!!! What to do??? It cost RM15.90 for this without any drink. Chingu forced himself to eat this with a thought that others may not have opportunity to have such meal on the table.

Its ok! Chingu...ya! Just thankful to what we have!

To me, the next time I come , I will go with either Fish head noodles or Sang Har Mien. Not their other menu.

Where is this Old Time Asia?
Next to Kenny Rogers , One Utama.

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