Friday, January 23, 2015


Happy Friday all!
Oh I love Friday...zillion times...gosh! I am so freak when it come to weekend.
Today is 23rd Jan 2015 and every HOT BLOGGERS in town are busy preparing for PARTY OF THE CENTURY this evening at Empire City. The PARTY is so freaking 'DAEBAK' until all bloggers in town were talking about their dress and make up preparation like so many weeks before. The theme is 1920s. The party is so 'HOT' until almost all freaking insta and fb going to explode with massive shout out about it. So many HOT celebs is coming.I am talking about....PARIS HILTON, KPOP BAND 2AM, TABOO OF BLACK EYE PEAS and many more...and basically tonight EMPIRE CITY will be freaking explode with HOT people!

Oh well for WARM BLOGGER like me..... just settle to attend calm, relaxing, media invite in the morning. I will diligently bring my SONY CYBER SHOT Cam. Then snap snap snap...then chat chat chat then listen listen listen then sample sample sample...then ?????
Go for afternoon meeting and then back home. So kuai kuai hor this woman?

OK.. OK...let us get in track...

Title is about Steamed Banana Walnut cakes and I was babbling out topic about Paris Hilton and Party and hot bloggers and cold blogger....kakakaka...what to do suddenly feel a bit hype about Friday, 23rd Jan 2015.

I am now totally into steaming bread and cakes on Sunday.
This is my other experiment last Sunday.

Steamed Banana Walnut Cakes - egg less and sugarless and with all other!

Not like my oatmeal steamed bread the other day, this one really rise, moist and fluffy. It kind of like cakes texture. But the taste...Oh! how I wish I add some sugar or honey in it or add more mashed banana into the recipe. Lucky I put some cranberries topping onto it. If not this fluffy steamed cakes is totally tasteless. Never mind....there is room for improvement in the future.I will continue steam delicious cakes and bread soon.  Keep reminding myself I am just an amateur in steaming cakes and bread.

I put this in fridge and eat it for breakfast and it still soft , moist and fluffy the next day without even have to steam it again. Oh ! am I a genius or what??? 'Slap me! 'Oh! I am so hateful...kekekeke

How I made this fella ?

I mix mashed banana, nestum , wholemeal flour, baking powder, walnuts, cranberries, fresh milk, olive oil and pinch of salt. Mixed it all together and steamed it for 15 minutes. Make sure add in some sugar to your taste.Mine was so bland without sugar.

This steamed cake is delicious to enjoy with warm french rose tea.

Forget it!!! don't ask the measurement....I don't even measure. All I know I use flour less possible and the batter just for 4 cups of cakes. I throw in what ever I want to throw in just to make this fella. no SOP one huh?  Just enough for me and me alone to enjoy it! Healthy breakfast full of fiber and protein too. Next time I will add in Chia Seed.

Ah....I can't believe that I achieve this much in the kitchen at my ripe age. Big pat to my back....pandainyeeeee dia ni.

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