Monday, February 2, 2015


Whoaa!!! most people still on Holiday mood huh?
Long weekend for certain part of Malaysia.
Me too!!!!

I should have go to Danang,Vietnam this long weekend but ....IMA miss the long weekend. WTH!
Own pay for the loads of 'boringness' at home.

Side track from my title again...So psycho of me to ask people to Kill Me, Heal Me.

This is recent year 2015 'hot korean drama' captured my heart deeply. Here we go again....that falling in love starting NOW!!!! 

Since I can't be someone else woman and get married...just let me live this life to fall in love million times without heartbreaking.
At this age still fail to fall in love with real people. isk isk isk...IMA keep falling in love with all those fictional characters. WTH!!!! Real people doesn't impress me at all. You know...that 'love spark'??? It just not there!!!!  I can't force myself to love people just for the sake of getting married, right?

In another word....Just let me be as long as I am happy ,huh? 

Now the title seems to be just right??? lol..Heal Me, if you can...

The plot of Kill Me , Heal Me :

Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) is a 2rd gen chaebol. He has traumatic childhood experience which causes him to have memory lapses , and his personality fractures into seven different identities. He tries to regain control over his life and is treated secretly by Oh Ji Rin, a first year psychiatry who eventually falls in love with one of his personality.

kekeke..IMA fall in love with one of the personality who is a 'bad boy;  'Shin Sei Gi'. WTH! He so cool yet pitiful! loneliness to the max.

This drama is still on going so now still waiting for ep 9 and 10. Damn! I wish I didn't watch this drama early and let it run until finish the whole episodes so I can watch until my 'panda eyes' drop to my jaw. WTH! So IMA have to wait patiently and for another week and another week!!!! Gosh!!!! Ya ya ya... my 'Shin Sei Gi' use 'eye liner' , lipstick and BB cream. But he still look cool...rather than feminine like woman. Thats my MAN!

Goo Jun Pyo, Lee Yoo Sung, Kang Mu Gyul, Kim Tan era...all pass already and now I am 'hot' for 'Shin Sei Gi'. Please let this drama end coolly. I know my 'Shin Sei Gi' going to die in this drama to let the original character Cha Do Hyun to live. I know my 'Shin Sei Gi' going to die coolly. That character will be in my heart forever and ever. isk isk isk ...I also turn psycho this season.

Korean Drama gas own trend and for this season the thriller,  psychotic and double personalities Dramas going on. I think next will be the 'horror' dramas coming up which IMA will definitely skip and then come to my favorite romantic comedies season...yeayyyyy!!!!

Happy holiday all and enjoy before start work again soon. Moral of my story for always note the next year public holiday for my abroad traveling trip and as long as my feet still can walk and walk.

I leave this post with this saying...

We live only once...meaning??? We only have ONE CHANCE!!! Just live life the way we wants moderately with NO REGRET when we are on dying bed! Why?? Because...we WILL DEFINITELY going to DIE and leave this world!

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