Thursday, February 5, 2015


Chinese New Year is around less than 2 weeks from today. This year is a Sheep Year. I am a Tiger. Tiger is the predator to Sheep. kekekeke...

All Sheep beware!!! This carnivorous tiger is roaming around to conquer the Sheep as its loot.
This 2015 us Wooden Sheep year and myself is Tiger with wood element.In general, this 2015 is strong wood year.

Many people says this year is a good year for Tiger but don't really believe in this. However, I love to read this just for the sake of boosting up my motivation level to continue surviving. How about you? Do you believe in this?

I told Chingu, I love the Lao Qian Coffee mix which only can be found in Malacca. So last weekend end up traveling South. Meantime, Chingu wanna test his new car. Barely, one week old car. Nothing impressive about that ride. To me it just another car. huhuhuh...not really good in appreciating car.

Having our brunch at Kensington Restaurant at Seremban. This year we ordered other than our usual menu. We chose Seafood Clam Chowder which came with Garlic Bread with Cheese Topping and Spicy Seafood Fettuccine. All food not to my liking at all. WTH! When aging and taste many good food, my sense of taste upgraded like I need to be served gold on the plate. snobbish statement huh?
Arrive at Malacca and the first thing we did is to book massage. I went for 30 minute back massage and 30 minutes foot massage. While Chingu went for 60 minutes foot massage which later upgraded to back massage.

After the massage, Chingu told me he don't ever want to visit that place again because that fatty masseur rubbing his thigh and he is not use to that kind of body touch. He said that masseur trying to coaxed him to massage his 'wee wee' too! kekekekeke...gosh!  poor man!

After massage went to buy my favourite cookies. I love melting in mouth 'Dragon Cookies' and Pineapple tarts. But one complain this pineapple tarts really not to my liking at all. The taste super bad. I hate that weird texture too. But Dragon cookies??? Ti Amour!!!!

Then here come the feast for tonight. Both of us not really a good eater. So both settle with one shared rice and digged in to 'mixed fruit rojak which Chingu said cannot beat the 'Ah Soh' at Taman Midah, Clams and Squid and both fried with green Chillies and garlics. Damn! so hot and spicy and both sweat.

Dessert with Bibik Cendol after that sweating hot dinner. Ah! this one is really the highlights when come to visit Jonker Walk Malacca.

There you going to enjoy 'Lao Qian' Coffee with Dragon Cookies and pineapple tarts. 

Life is too beautiful to leave but hard to live in to.

Happy Chinese New Year to all my Chinese friends and may this year brings all lots of lucks and bless from heaven.

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