Monday, March 30, 2015


I am such a 'KIASU'! Damn!!!
I was like other Malaysian who bought more to stock up before GST last month.
The last week of March really make my budget burst like mad. Gosh!!!! look like need to bring home food to work then since I need to cover the credit card debt. WTH!

"To whom this may concern,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to contribute my hard earn money for the country 'economy growth'. I hope you spend my hard earned , blood, sweat, tears money well and for good cause.

I am proud of myself to bring my home cook food to work and reduce my other spending to help the country.

No no...don't worry GST is not a burden at all...not at alllllllll"

Who said price don't increase because of GST?
Go and check the price leeeeee....I was jaw drop to see the price effect even before GST!

Example, the essential oil for aromatheraphy was at RM5 and yesterday...well not to mentioned we are still at month of March and the GST suppose to effect only on April. Guest what? The same item already price at RM5.65. So in April, if I buy the item will be RM5.65 + 6%????

Like that one ar????

The effect is super cool....speechless when I saw that yesterday.

Few RM 'hundreds' fly away in replace for all these items. Damn!

My sanitary pad 'haul' can last for 2 years at least

Vow this will be my last time for pedicure and manicure for this year.

This will be my last time visit beauty parlour for facial. I make sure the beauty consultant remove the dead skin and white and black head from my face. After this I am going to do this at home.

Since my age has reached to 40s , there you go...bought reading glass for RM30 before GST.

I replace my oversized glasses to more fashionable one within my budget. But this time round need to order special lenses called multi focal lens suitable for woman in forties like me. WTH!

My new glasses not ready yet. That photo is my over sized glasses. Guess lens power reduce too this time. Happy!!!

There you go...and April month is like the month of paying all the expenses incurred on March. huhuhuhuhuh... spending future money is totally not my style!!!!

Its all because of that GST hype...I am totally got sucked into it!

I am no Angel...I am just Human after all.

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