Thursday, March 5, 2015


I suffer from terrible mood swing not just recently but all my life.
I am like a time bomb ticking and waiting to blow up.
Chingu said I am going through menopause symptom which of course this suggestion irritate me. Beh Tahan ar!!! Women in my family only go through menopause at age of 60s because we matured awful late age too.
Sour face to you whole week long Chingu. Beware on what you saying!!!! Don't make a woman as your sworn enemy. Not just this one. I mean any woman too!

Frequent questions I were asked  which make me so piss off ,lately .isk isk isk..

1. Whoaaaa!!! you look fat now???

How I feel? Of course! I am upset and hurt too.
Do you know I eat less food and drinks plenty of water a day?
Do you know I run for at least 5km  and  cardio at least 30 minutes at least three times a week? . I did the sauna for at least thrice a week. I move and I sweat yo!!!
Its ageing la.... I am trying hard and I feel sad too for not losing weight.

As I look awful to your eyes....this yours truly feel zillion awful to her heavy look. My dreams to age gracefully and getting heavier DEFINITELY not part of my plan.
I gave up in losing it so I decided to maintain to my current, at least... that is the best I can do without feeling awful stressful.

 2. You change job again ar??? Whoa!!! you so not loyal to company one ar?

Gosh! the last time you meet me was 4 years ago. Do you expect me to rot at the same place for 4 years without any advancement. Don't you thing we always need to make a progress in our life? If the company doesn't reward you according to your performance why you need to remain loyal to them?
Give and take! 

Do you really stay at one company for more than 4 years??? Congratulation!!! Thats mean your company treat you well or you are just that type who are afraid to get out from your comfort zones.

 3. Why you still single?

Ehem..ehem...even my parent gave up asking me this question. Here I go around to explain my self over and over again. I am to the point don't feel like meeting people who use to know me. isk isk isk..can't beat them...just STAY AWAY from them. I need to protect my feelings!

I know this may sound rude and bitter but I hold up my response to my heart and only spilled it out once.
Whats in my heart when people shoot me this question?

If you are a man : I feel like saying this, I am still waiting for your proposal. Why don't you marry me?
(I end up blurted this out to my ex Boss. He end up speechless and taken a back.Goshhh!!! did I just gone too far??? End the conversation with loud and awkward laugh...WTH!!!)

If you are a married woman : I feel like saying this, is married life brings you wholesome happiness to yourself? This smile of it fake smile.

If you are a single woman : I feel like saying this , tsk tsk tsk...look who is talking. Shall I brings you the mirror?

So what? If you are single and not married. Do you think finding a life partner is like trial and error situation? To me as long as I can earn and live my life like I do know, I am more than happy to continue this kind of life. Nobody can vouch for a perfect partner! I am not that type to take the risk.

Just don't ask if you not going to take responsibility. Why? I am HURT! Why? It just HAPPEN... 

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