Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have been neglecting my blog for quite sometimes...life has been too busy!
Last Sunday, well..it was yesterday!
I went to Post Office which situated inside TESCO building. 
I was thinking it open at 10am which I mistaken after all. I have to wait for another hour to be opened. While waiting, I saw many people came in to do the last minute shopping. I guest the pre GST shopping since each family was pushing at least 2 trolleys each. WTH!

Then I heard an old lady who was paying her bills at counter calling for her husband for 20 sen since the post office have not coins for the day. Her husband replied back he don't have any coins with him too.

At that time , I observed the old man who was with his small grandson in front of me searching his pocket for something. He took out 20 sen coin from his pocket and turn it over to the old lady who was scratching the head....She was completely taken aback for a total stranger who gave out his 20 sen to her.

The old lady done with her bill and she handed over RM1 note to the little boy who is the 20sen grandpa. The boy was reluctant to take the money hand out to him. The grandma insisted. 

See how the generosity turns out to be a good and happy event for everybody!!!!

I always heard this kind of story but I am amaze that I have a chance to witness this with my own eyes. I feel good too.

The end of story. I am such a lousy story teller. When I read back this post , I think the primary school kid can write better! WTH! *** face palm***

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