Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Last week, I got to know my mum was crying because she can't bear the pain from her hand and back. Then my dad who also getting weak and slower than before. It really hurt me very much!

As long as I am still living, I really wish not to see my parent to grow old in pain. It really hurt if we can't help them but to listen and watch from the sideline. I want them to be happy and leave peacefully without pain. Wish God grant my prayer!

The problem with old sick parent, they still thinking we are still kids and know nothing best for them. Their stubbornness is hurting people around them too.

I always told my parent they are lucky to have children to help them during the old age and can't they be a bit tolerant to listen to their children now?

My parent are inseparable couple. Especially my mum who is spoil by my dad. I always worried, what if one of them leave first? What happen to the other one? Can he or she take it for the lost?

Thinking about all this make me feeling sad and worried!


  1. It's so nice to know that your parents are inseparable, which is great since they're each other till old age. Guess it may be good to get them to socialize like going to community centres so that they've friends when their soul mate leaves.........

  2. Be patient to them; as they grow us with patient too.

  3. May your mum feel better soon. God bless you, Cindyrina for doing your best for your parents, more so in trying times.


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