Thursday, April 9, 2015

Dance and be FREE

Just wanna share on how I normally release my stress or when I feel totally down or lost.
I am a human after all. I unable to stay positive all the time since I was born with full of emotion and feeling. Goodness sake...I verified with my Mum. I did cried when I was born. Duh!!!
Positive born with emotion and feeling.

For me, I will dance to my favorite music when I am feeling lost. Dancing can free my mind.

Am I a good dancer???
Are you kidding me?

You don't need to be a dancer or learn dancing! Just to dance.....
Pick you favourite song and just move your body .
Free your mind and let it drown to the song.
And then????
Let you body move it..move it..(read this like that madagascar cartoon song..kakaka)

I may be not a good dancer but I could say ...I do have some flexibility to move along with the song.

That video is my favorite song to do lyrical dance when I am feeling so down and lost. isk isk isk..
The rhythm and the song is so meaningful too.
So love Park Jun Min unique deep voice.
I am his big fan ever since listen to his single  'Do You Know' and 'Not Alone'.
This is my 'medicine' for more than 3 years now after 'Beyond'.WTH! *** hand cover my face*** 

Don't know what is lyrical dance???

Lyrical dance is a mixture of ballet, jazz, contemporary and modern dance. This dance is full with emotion, freedom and expressive in movement.

Don't you think this is totally my style????

Have a good weekend all!!!!

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