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I was invited for Parent's Day food review at Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine Restaurant by BMS Organics last two weekends. Be Lohas is nothing new to me. I am their fan even way before they invited me for review. I am a frequent to their outlet at One Utama.My favourite always the vegetarian curry served with brown rice and soy milk curry laksa.

The only different this outlet, the one I was invited to review is at Sunway Mentari Plaza which more like a Vegetarian Chinese Restaurant and totally family style restaurant.So the menu is slightly comprehensive and elaborate suit to family meal then the one at One Utama.

Mother's and Father's day is coming up soon!
You are still cracking head on where to treat them with a healthy feast?

I make you job easier...bring them to  :

Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine (Sunway Mentari)
32A-1 , Jalan PJS 8/6, Dataran Mentari, Bandar Sunway 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Telephone : 03 5613 6313
Business hours : Mon - Sun : 11am - 10:00pm

Their Parent's Day menu was created with great nutrition, healthy and without forgo the deliciousness to please your Parent and family.

Price wise?
You don't have to burn your wallet just to eat organics and healthy food. Its affordable to every one.

Organic Food? Vegetarian Food?
The first think come through your mind the food is an unpalatable meal?

Try Be Lohas Healthy Cuisine Restaurant by BMS Organics and you will never regret with unforgettable delicious meal and yet healthy.

We were greeted by Miss Linge Lim who is also known as Teache Linge by BeLohas staff. She is the Recipe Planner and PR for BeLohas. She explained to us about the ingredients use for each meal served and the nutrients comes with it.

We was served with Set B1 which is meant for 4 pax. IMA brought Chingu and as usual only two of us digging out the food which was told served in reduce portion meant for two. Thank you! If not both of us here will be bloated like leeches can't move our butt from that comfy chair due to overeat.

Like any other outlet, its a complimentary for Be Lohas to serve their customer with 2 tablets of spirulina, which in dark green color thingy. I know... you may say ...eeewwww??? spirulina??? Hey!!! healthy thing always make you go ewwwwww!!! at first and go whoaaaa!!! after effect. 

Do you want me to describe how will normal re act when they eat bad things?

You go whoaaaaa!!!! at first.... and ouchhhhh!!! later. hahahaha...you get what I mean???

So??? Close you eyes and swallow that spirulina! 

That dark color tea is hot ginger tea. I enjoy their ginger tea so much. Thats the only drink I ordered when I visited them.

What is the in the menu for Set B1 for 4 pax??
Disclaimer :  in the photo the food portion reduces to suit to two person .The original for 4 pax quantity will be more than this.

* Top Right - Mushroom and Vegetables ( the cook with goji berries which good for your eyes)
* Top Left - Ladies finger with Sesame Sauce
* Bottom Right - Special Recipe Curry Mixed Vegetables
* Bottom Left - Mongolian Soy Fish
* Middle - Seaweed Veggie Ball Soup

The meal was served with brown rice. For 2 weekend during mother's and father's day all set ordered will come with complimentary cut fruits and carrot cakes.

If you visit Be Lohas Vegetarian Cuisine (Sunway Mentari), don't forget to try out the Platter which consist Braised Mushroom, Salah Soy Chicken and Honey Mushroom. You can see in photo Top right above. Look delicious healthy, right?

This is not just a restaurant. After you eat , what you do Ladies and Gentlemen? You Shop!!! There are varieties of organics and healthy merchandise up for shop. From enzyme to grains and even organic gelato and ice cream bar.

IMA shop few items there too. Since day one visited Be Lohas, IMA is a big fan of the Oligo Raw Honey and frozen Shitake Mushroom Balls.

I give you 9 reasons to treat your Parent at Be Lohas Vegetarian Cuisine :

1. Food is prepared with love, patience and care
2. Food is prepared in low-salt, low sugar and less-oil cooking methods
3. High energy , organics and natural ingredients
4. They used only natural seasoning and vegetarian food with non -GMO, no artificial colorings, no preservatives and not MSG added.
5. The food is easy for your body to digest.
6. Healthy
7. Delicious
8. Affordable
9. You will see SMILES on your Parent's face.

You can check out more of BE LOHAS Vegetarian Cuisine Outlet at their official :

Website : www.bmsorganics.com
Facebook :  https://www.facebook.com/belohas
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/bmsorganicsfanpage

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