Tuesday, May 5, 2015


You are sick with your current job and Boss?
Tired of getting bossing around by others?
You have a unique skill and want to join the freelancing world with the mind set, at least you are your own Boss. This sound like a Wheel of Fortune, huh?

Well...read this before you quit your day job.

This is the number one challenge for all freelancer.
Create a website and wait for calls and emails? Dreams on! You can wait till the kingdom falls!
Advertised your services at portal like freelance.com , parttime.com.my and so on?
Well...good luck! The inquiries received mainly from people who are looking for job and blindly email you without even read to your advertisement.There are phishing inquiries which you need to take extra caution and know what and who you are dealing with. Do not get so excited with all inquiries as if , it is a done deal!

The reality about finding clients as a freelancer is a tough competition unless you have a very outstanding portfolios and ready WOM (word of mouth) testimonial and reference. 

The key to find a freelance work is to keep announcing that you're available for your services and build a strong professional network.

The most important to maintain this is to have 'SYSTEMS' and 'DISCIPLINE' in task and responsibilities given. It is important to find the right time to work and the right time for your personal time.

The key to have work life balance is TIME MANAGEMENT.

What is your first reaction when received a 'holler' calls from 'angry client'?
Scream back at her/him? Tell him/her to take a hike?
Then only you reflect on what you have done?
As much as you don't deserve to be scream at and feeling unfair, you should understand the client points and why he/she behaving that way.

The key to handle this is, as long as you know you are providing the best services to assist you client, then take it in your stride.

You don't have to worry about not making any money if you are working as employee in the company. When you are talking about doing freelancing, its all about your services and clients.
You need to be prepared to make little or no money at times!
There always 'thick face' clients who take off  or a hard bargainer after receiving your services. It is important have some sort of security before starting your service such as advance payment.

The key is to always have a back up funds before start any freelancing job.

For those who still thinking to quit day job and think they can make end meets by freelancing....be mentally prepared or you end up making the wrong turning point of your life and waste of time.

Yours truly has more than 10 years experience offer FREELANCE SERVICES in handling Bookkeeping and full sets of ACCOUNTS, HR Services and Professional Assistant services.

Any inquiries for yours truly services,  please email to cindyrina@gmail.com or admin@cindyrina.com.

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