Thursday, May 7, 2015


Like this???
This is traffic jam back North last weekend. So POWERFUL too!
It made me delay my journey back home town to the next morning. WTH!

Not this POWER JAM leeeeee.....

I am talking about this 3 IN 1 POWER BANK. 

Speaker + Mobile Stand + Power Bank

I have been delaying my power bank purchase and when this delivered to my door step last like my prayer answered instantly.Thank you Thank you

I kind of mesmerized with its sleek design and sweet color.

When it come to function wise....well... the power bank is what I am looking for all this while.
The speaker is a bonus to me. While the mobile stand is convenient to watch movie when I am bored and alone.
Product Specifications : 
Input : 5V-800Ma
Output : 5V-1A
Dimensions : 29X 30 X 138MM

Package Contents :
1. USB Input / Output data cable
2. Power Bank
3. User Manual

 How to charge phone using POWER JAM?

* Take out the POWER JAM top cover
* Connect the smartphone to the POWER JAM via the data / charging cable
* The charging process will begin automatically


* Take out POWER JAM top cover
* insert in the two 3.5mm audio plugs to the audio port on both POWER JAM and smartphone
* LED light turning blue means the connections is successful.
* Adjust the volume and press the play button on the phone 
* POWER JAM will automatically recognize the audio signal.
* The cylinder sleek design of POWER JAM function as stable stand supporting the smartphone.

I am kind of falling in love with this new gadget and definitely my next traveling accessories.

Wanna get your hand on this sleek POWER JAM ???

You can get one at

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