Tuesday, June 30, 2015


I am not ashamed to admit my kpop craze even at this old age.
Gosh! I have been living listening to them and just can't get over it.

I started listening Big Bang for their hitz song 'Haru Haru' which mean 'Day by Day'.Another catchy hitz song from them is 'Blue' and 'Lie' I am their fan until now. Can't compare Big Bang with another Kpop group 2PM or 2AM since they are totally in different genre.

Plus point for Big Bang is they have Multi Talented Song writer with the most copyright song ,G Dragon in their group. They have talented rapper TOP, great vocalist Taeyang, funny variety show star Daesung and sleazy joker Seungri.

After 3 year absence they make a comeback with new album MADE SERIES.  Their new MV 'Loser and 'Bae gain so much interest from fan all over the world with more than 37 million and 27 million view respectively. DAEBAK!!!!

Both song showed talent by blended bad boy hip hop with emotional boy band melodies. They are becoming more matured now. Most of their fan is grown up adult now and most have experience up and down in live. Those two song basically show Big Bang members feeling in life. We saw them with glamorous fashion and most money but deep inside after all the attention on stage they are lonely in the inside.

If you have not watch their new MV Bae and Loser yet don't be surprise if you watch it with lots of sexual move in those video.

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