Tuesday, June 9, 2015


When I was invited to do a selfigram review for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation, I was SUPER EXCITED! IMA not require to do a blogpost but feel ashamed for not sharing it in details to others. Why? IMA fall in love with this foundation.

I walked for 45 minutes ('lazy to drive punya pasal") all the way from my office to KLCC to get the item picked suit to my skin color tone and have mini makeover by Estee Lauder Beauty Consultant.

I bought  Estee Lauder lipstick before and love them so much. IMA heard a lot about Estee Lauder Double Wear but never personally try! Since IMA was introduce to BB Cream and then CC Cream , later DD Cream amd most recently EE Cream...IMA  totally ditched Foundation. But one thing about all those BB,CC,DD and EE Cream does not give a smooth and good coverage to IMA uneven skin tone.

The Hype about this Estee Lauder Wear is it stay in place, transfer free which means no smudge or stain to your clothes (don't worry wardrobe shopping free and try as many clothes possible),  oil free and leaves your skin flawless for 15 hours.

IMA tried it on.... really love the flawless coverage by this foundation. It texture easy to absorb and even out through out your skin. Just press a lil bit of loose powder to outer line ....thats it..ready to go places without even worry about not getting flawless skin. The result??? You go UUUUUU...AAAAAA and AWWWWW!!! IMA love the magic effect of this double wear foundation.

Staying Power?
Left photo after walking under sun for 45 minutes...see? Still flawless right?

Right photo, while IMA in car stuck in traffic jam and the coverage still stay strong...but the smudge eyes???? Don't even look at it! Thats the mistake of not using the smudge proof eye liner. WTH!

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