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I first heard about The Counter from my ex Boss who is avid investor. Apparently, one of his business friend was trying to convince him to invest in this chain.

Knowing I am a blogger by passion he asked me whether I have tried this place. Goshhhh!!! at that time this place was pretty newbie in Malaysia. I was eyeing this place ever since heard about it but only have chance to visit them last weekend.

Custom build burger is very fresh culture to Chingu and me. Being indecisive type of person make it worst. 

There are 6 steps to custom build delicious burger :

Step # 1 - Choose the patties which is the protein : Chicken or Beef or Turkey or Lamb. I choose 225gm lamb.

Step # 2 - Choose the cheese : Gosh! they have so many cheese and the most familiar to me and Chingu is Cheddar , Mozarella and Blue Cheese. The rest was like too science words to us. WTH!

Step # 3 - Choose a Sauce : huhuhuhuh headache and the most familiar to us was BBQ, Chili, Tomato and Mustard. That one also because we always frequented to Subway!

Step # 4 - Choose a Topping : Ommaaaaa!!!! too many even my eyes twisted. Chingu already surrender at this point and this indecisive and fickle minded woman got no choice to brave herself with her own picked.

Step # 5 - Choose a Bun : Variety of bread to choose. They even have sourdough. I choose pretzel for a different. You can even choose your burger to be in the bowl rather than the normal conventional one.

Step # 6 Choose a Side : You can add fried or union rings and in this case I choose a half half fried a mixture of sweet potato fries and Parmesan cheese potato fries 

After more than 30 minutes uuuummmmm...... arrrrrrrrrr....ehhhhhhhh...oh not to forget the series of not itchy scratching head part and frowning forehead  session until all wrinkles pop up! I finally handed over my choice to the waiter. The waiting time for the burger to be served not more than 15 minutes.

The result??????
Taaaaadaaaaaaaa!!!! My own proud creation, Cindyrina's Lamb Burger at The Counter. Look tempting or not????

If I walk in this place again...I will not choose pretzel. I would choose other bread. This burger too dry for me. isk isk isk ...

But my opinion need to take into consideration that I just after ate plate of chee cheong fun at Low Yat Plaza earlier. hehehehe...

Both me and Chingu shared half each since the Burger was big portion for us. I think if I am hungry I may rate this burger differently.

Rate : 3.9/5

Ambiance : More like a fine dine then a normal fast food chain

At least I already experience and ate the burger which they claimed to die for. Can die now???


Who want to be an idiot to die because of burger????

This is the half half potatoes fries the yellow color is Parmesan cheese potato fries and orange is sweet potato fries. So love the Parmesan one. Awesome!!!!

The sweet potato was too sweet for me.

One glance of our meal at The Counter, Pavillion KL. Yeah!!! I even added the sunny top egg from the waitress suggestion. At the end , I don't even see the significant of that fried egg with my burger. eheh? 

I am so Asian taste bud. So this meal is totally new world to me.

Total bill for all you saw in photo include one hot charmomile tea is RM68++.

If you have CIMB card then pay with it which will give you 15% discounts. My payable was RM58++ after the CIMB card discounts.

The Counter Burger , Lot 7.01, Level 7, The Dining Loft (next to Starz Kitchen) ,Pavillion Kuala Lumpur.

This chain is very big and super famous in USA. I think they have one outlet at Nu Sentral too.

You can check The Counter to experience building own burger. Its so much fun if you walk in there with group of friends.

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