Friday, July 10, 2015


At first I thought wanna publish rant on experience ported out telephone networks. I can't help it to publish this one entry first because I cannot let go since yesterday. I even dream about it! WTH! 

Before read further...this post require you to be more imaginative to set the mood right.

I was immerse when watching my favourite KDrama the other day. 
The drama scene took place at park.

It was about poor woman brave herself to break off with his Chaebol (Rich) boyfriend because the Chaebol Boyfriend's mother threaten the Boyfriend may lose the inheritance if their relationship continue. The mother know her son loves money best.

The Chaebol Boyfriend have the same thought to break off with the poor woman not because of just he is losing his inheritance but he also worried the poor woman will get into more trouble because of his evil mother.

Poor Woman : (Tears falling down to her cheek) " Let's break up "

Chaebol Boyfriend : (Trying to hold up to his tears maintain the machoness ) "Yes"

Poor Woman : Crying hard at this time

Same goes to this poor woman who are watching them. Tears are starting to come but not yet rolling down. Thank God! nobody around to talk to me at this moment or I go uwaaaaaaaaaa

Chaebol Boyfriend : (Unwilling tone, teary eyes and sad looking)  "Let's break up. Let's part here "

Poor Woman : (Crying hard) " You go first "

This poor woman who are watching people crying hard...sob sob sad!!!!! I am going to have eye therapy later. I am so immerse into this drama. I can feel the pain of unwillingly stay apart from the love one.

Chaebol Boyfriend : " You go first "

Poor Woman : " You go first "

Poor Woman who are watching...ishhhhh this people...when is this going to end.

Suddenly rain falling down. Both Poor Woman and Chaebol Boyfriend soaking wet.

Poor Woman : "Its raining. we can't break up when its rain"

Chaebol Boyfriend : "Yeahhhhh! lets not do that today" (He pull the poor woman into his arm and both ran to his car)

This poor woman??? haissshhhhh!!!!! Darn it!!!! I feel like flipping the table because wasted my tears and romantic emotion too.

The couple made out inside the car.

Me????? WTH!!!! What is wrong with this drama writer????
They just teased my emotion. Is this romantic drama or comedy ????

Is there any rule say we can't break up during rainy day????

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