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My choice of skin care change when I reached 40 ears old.
I really concern about reducing wrinkles and losing out collagen and so on. Its been too years using the anti aging skin care. I end up with dull skin and look pale without BB cream. WTH!
The pigmentation???? Oh! tell me about it. I am considering laser treatment but really thinking hard since this treatment may end me with over dry skin.

I was introduce to Neesya skin care early this year , really happy with the quality and result from its product.

At least, less wrinkles and healthy skin at this age....kekeke... this can't last forever but we can slow down the process right? mmmmmmmmm.....

How is my beauty regime with Neesya starts????

5 Steps Day Time Regime with Neesya

1st Step : Wash face with facial cleanser
2nd Step : Don't forget to apply toner

3rd Step : Apply Neesya Brightening Eye Contour Gel
- Gently pat eye gel around the eye area then blending gently inward to the outward corner. I use this in the morning only. Reason , since I will be under the hot sun and bright light at day time.

Product Claimed :
* Anti - dark circles
* Anti - puffiness
* Anti - Fatique
* With Regu-Age PF

Texture and experience : Gel based. Non greasy and easily absorb to skin. You may feel a lil bit tingling sensation at first but thats due to efficacy of the formulation.

4th Step : Layer your skin with Neesya LumiAdvance Age Defence Moisturiser
- Smooth even layer on cleansed and toned skin. This product give instant hydration moisturiser with multi anti aging functions. It helps to restore youthful glow, smoothens wrinkles , firms skin , soothes and protect against environmental stress too.

Product Claimed :
* Multi dimensional anti ageing
* 72 hours hydration brightening gel cream
* Enriched with Silanol and brown algae complex

Texture and experience : This gel based product are formulated with finest active ingredients. I like it since its non greasy and easy absorption onto my skin. I love the feeling through the day at work with this item.

5th Step : Defense skin from harmful rays with Neesya UV Shield SPF30 PA+++
Smooth an even layer on cleased , toned and moisturised skin. This product function as defender for your skin from UVA and UVB rays. Since this is water based , it really suit for outdoor activities on land or even water sports.

Product Claimed :
* Triple function - Defense , Repair , Relief

Texture and experience : I love the cooling effect it gives comfortable and soothing feelings onto skin. It have that whitening effect too. What more you want???

I apply BB or CC cream after this 5th Step. There you go...I am ready to go to work!

Night regime???

Well I took five freaking steps in front of the mirror dolling up my skin....I use the same steps for my night regime too.

1st Step : Apply Neesya Skin Essentials Eye & Lip Make Up Remover
- Really love this one since its helps to remove all residue of BB Cream and also dirts on skin. Water proof mascara and long lasting lipstick....easy breasy cleanse off with this Neesya Make Up remover.

2nd Step : Clean face with facial cleanser

3rd Step : Toned up your skin with toner

4th Step : Apply Neesya LumiScience Hydrating Serum
- Gently massage this aloe vera based serum onto skin until fully absorb.

Product Claimed :
* Deep intense moisture
* Cellular Hydration
* Enhance skin illumination
* With Aquacell

Texture and experience : Since this product contains hyaluronic acid , I love ti because it helps to improves my skin elasticity and smoothen fine lines too.

5th Step : Apply Neesya famous over night mask
- Check out my last review here.

I give thumbs up for those who wants to try out Neesya to have good result . I am still using it and love the change it brings to my skin.

Firmer, Brighter, Youthful and Radiant.

Neesya Skin Care :

Official website :
Official facebook :
Official Instagram : @Neesya.Skincare

You can check out Neesya Product Ad here .

Product price :

1. Hydrating Serum RM125
2. Brightening Eye Contour Gel RM119
3. Age Defence Moisturiser RM125
4. UV Shield PA+++ SPF30 RM79

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