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My Grand Lexis Port Dickson Blog Post

Last weekend I was on short vacation to Grand Lexis Port Dickson. Brought parent and younger sis for a retreat. My Dad just after cataract operation the day before. It was a blast vacation for all of us. I am glad they enjoyed it so much !

I booked my Premium Pool Villa room through Agoda at RM620/- and added RM150++ for another 2 persons occupancy. So total paid around RM770++ for 4 adults without breakfast. I was told the buffet breakfast would cost me another RM42 each which I think a bit excessive to spend that much since all of us not a big eater. Finance person would be a Finance forever and calculated in every way. WTH!

The Premium Pool Villa features :
  •     Size of unit - 1,040 square feet
  •     2 king size beds
  •     Can accommodate 04 persons (but the published room rates for 2 person only. The other 2 person to pay extra like I mentioned above)
  •     Glass panel for underneath sea viewing
  •     Private swimming pool
  •     Dry Kitchenette
  •     Separate bath and toilet
  •     Rain shower
  •     Wall mounted hairdryer
  •     Mini fridge
  •     In-room safe box 
  •     Astro - 19 channels (don't even have chance to watch TV. busy swimming!!!! eheh...)
  •     32" LCD flat screen TV
  •     Coffee and tea making facilities
  •     Electric kettle
  •     IDD telephone
  •     Ceiling fan
  •     DVD player
  •     Microwave oven (keep family and me survive for dinner and breakfast since the food there so pricey)
  •     Iron and ironing board
  •     Bathroom weighing scale
  •     Umbrella

The room is totally Baliness concept and make one feels relax and peace of mind. 

 Love that light up marble side table. The kitchenette is sufficient for us to prepare simple food. Oh! the bathroom was so spacious.

Don't dream to stroll by the seaside if you stay here at Grand Lexis. No beach here. Unless you drive out to Tanjung Gemuk Beach which is nearby. You can do paid activities such as Segway, Archeries, Cycling and table ping pong in this resort

Can't view the sunset from this resort too since its block from other units. I manage to see only this but not a big issue. I don't come here for sunset since I watch many beautiful sunset views else where before.

This is an evening view around 6:30pm.

Night time somebody rang the bell to our room and was surprise one hotel staff gave us additional drinking water, towels and toiletries. So thoughtful of them! 

Brahim's box rice was our menu to that night. well prepared huh? Just like in flight meal! muakkssss!!!!
Not to forget with all the fruits and junk food prepared to satisfy our hunger pang after long swim in the pool.

I can opt to drive out for dinner or so on but my 'kiasu' ness to protect good parking spot is above all. kakakakakaka... seriously!!!!
If I went out for dinner for sure I will end up driving out that multi storey parking place which I totally find its beyond my driving skill expertise to drive up all the way. I prefer that open space car park which easily accessible by my parent via buggy ride.

We checked out at 12 noon and head to PD Waterfront for a simple quick lunch before continue our journey to KL. My Dad next check up after the  surgery will be on Tuesday morning before my last sis drive them back for 4 hours journey to our home town at Northern side of Pen. Malaysia.

The happiest customer ever at Grand Lexis Port Dickson. I wish could experience to stay at their sis Resort Lexis Hibiscus soon but need save up more to bring my parent and sis with me. It will be nice to stay with full seaview room this time. I am sure my parent and sis will be delightful too.

More touching when parent both in 70+ years old said they can die now due to happiness. huhuhuhuhhu....please stay healthy and well until I bring both of you to experience more good things.I will work harder and save more for both of you.

Totally love this Short Vacation at Grand Lexis , Port Dickson. We live once only. It is great to have this kind of luxury life experience once in a while.

I would rate my experience at Grand Lexis , Port Dickson 8/10 for check in / out, bell boy to friendly buggy man too. The minus 2 is because of freaking expensive food which cost RM30/- just for a plate of Fried Koay Teow???? huhuhuhuh.... I would pay for 50% off price taking into consideration this is resort but not RM30 for just fried Koay Teow..

How to go to Grand Lexis , Port Dickson?

Well... WAZE with some navigation understanding skill. Me got the WAZE but very poor navigation understanding skills..Thank God! my last sis is DAMN good at direction. She directed me while I just drive following her instruction without even want to think further. (face palm isk isk isk)

The journey from KL around 1.5 hours and you will not miss if you find Glory Beach Resort.


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